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  1. Celeb News

    ^This, exactly. I do't think she's gonna alienate any fans there, I doubt your typical Trump supporter gets down to Poker Face.
  2. Celeb News

    I'm not that up on Selena Gomez - you think the depression thing was just a front, I take it?
  3. Celeb News

    Not for drugs, but depression resulting from her lupus diagnosis IIRC.
  4. Event

    8 Can't wait to give My Secret Shart a -1
  5. Album

    What'd he even say?
  6. The voicemail thing is actually a quote From The Real Beckhams documentary
  7. Taylor sure is open in this scenario.
  8. We would do lots of things but primarily cattily discuss the ways in which the other Spice Girls annoyed her. New voicemail from...Geri Halliwell...."How are you"...."What are you up to"...."Are you in the UK"...blah blah blah, message deleted...
  9. Politics

    ...the Will Forte thing confused me for a sec there...different guy from the comedian, obviously.
  10. Politics

    I don't fully understand what she did - the charge she's facing usually means that the accused person knew that the crime was going to happen or even aided them in carrying it out, but the article doesn't actually elaborate.
  11. I like that song but I would prob also take Not Too Young and Love Shot over it But I've had What You Want on repeat all day!
  12. Can we talk about this flawless masterpiece a bit?
  13. M2M

    I haven't listened to their second album yet but fully plan to
  14. Discussion

    You had me and then you lost me
  15. Discussion

    There are others that do that. All of Britney's albums except Femme Fatale and Glory had the lead single as the first song on the album.