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  1. Ngl the Oscars thing kinda pisses me off jj3 I love Warren Beatty and I don't like how he's the main person the media is mentioning even though he was obviously confused upon reading the note and literally wasn't even the one who read out La La Land...

  2. omg I'm watching S1 of Gilmore Girls and this is like the third time they've mentioned NSYNC, legends 



    1. Coca-Cola

      legends stanning legends wub1


    2. Hermione

      OMG, I remember the episode when Emily bought all the boy band posters for Rory. rip2

    3. Breathless Mahoney

      That's exactly the one I'm talking about cheer1

  3. scream1 I love this fucking guy



  4. @Hermione if the hooker thread left you cold, now's the time to fight like you wanted.
  5. ....that's gotta be a slipper or something, right? No way would anyone wear those in public...
  6. Never occurred to me up until now, but if you were already a Maroon 5/Rihanna fan at the time that must've been quite exciting to you, eh?
  7. Celeb News

    Maybe a mop company.
  8. I forgot how much I liked Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls... bey5



  9. I never went myself but there is some "bathhouse" joint in Winnipeg that supposedly just runs like a normal business, they even have a website
  10. Yes. In Canada they have this weird catch 22 law where it's legal to sell sex but illegal to purchase it... Also porn is literally just taped prostitution and that's perfectly legal so...
  11. Don't think I don't appreciate the cameo
  12. Austin tho
  13. Celeb News

    I will literally staple my ballsack to a moving train if this actually happens.