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  1. 8.
  2. You little snake!
  3. Discussion

    Heimlich looks adorable, right?!
  4. Discussion

    I know the struggle. But honestly, I only know 1989 inside out, so I can't really help you making a further decision. Help me make one, will you? Should I buy the Winnie the Pooh Set Or the Bug's Life Set first?
  5. Discussion

    Wow, nice deal!
  6. Ohh, ooops.. I'm always late.
  7. Who checked into the Honeymoon Inn??
  8. Achievement

    I love you.
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    Well, I guess I disagree with you on that part, considering majority of the MVs I voted for are from PRISM. The only messes to me is Birthday tbh.
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    Not necessarily..
  11. Discussion

    I voted; California Gurls > Wide Awake > Roar > Dark Horse > Unconditionally