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  1. AGREED! I still die every time I hear it... @Kali your set is sooooo cute!!! @Robert. your cute FREE! Swim set is back too I see! <33 I'm almost done watching Tamako Market.
  2. Game

    I didn't like it at all when I first hears it. But it's a grower, I like it way more now. But on the other hand.. don't use it for any of my playlists soooo.. 5. I'd expect something more from Bruno.
  3. Other

  4. May I be the 3423rd person to say she looks good!
  5. Performance

    I'm afraid to watch it tbh.
  6. Game

  7. I love it! Great.
  8. Alright. So so far I got: - Bastille - Jon Bellion - Laura Pausini Anybody else wanna recommend anyone?
  9. I'd be open to give it a try, for sure!