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  1. The real mess is the Want To audio being so bad that we have to listen to the audience clapping and shit . We settle for it though because it fucking slays . She's released quite a few songs now so I think that might be the direction she's heading in, I wouldn't mind though because bih......fcking JUNE. No thanks. The way she's doing a MV "for fun" for Thinkin Bout You makes me hope she does it for other songs!
  2. I loooove it, same with Want To I'm happy she's releasing Scared To Be Lonely though because it's kinda similar to Want To so it'll be nice having another HQ song. I'm starting to get sick of the other songs like Hth and blow your mind
  3. No because it's unreleased It'll be on the album though so we have to wait until then unless she makes it a single
  4. Slay i'm 19 you can be god daddy
  5. @Royalty this is the one i was talking about
  6. Photos

    I think this was during the Lizzy grant era though she looks even younger
  7. According to PowerHouseBooks, James Franco's book about Lana Del Rey won't be published anymore.
  8. Politics

    Omg?? What the hell
  9. Other

    .......................................................... this isn't a leak
  10. We might have a whole visual album at this rate Apparently photographer Eva K Salvi is involved somehow Listen to Thinkin' Bout You:
  11. Politics

    Wait we needed a tweet to show that? It's pretty obvious already!
  12. Yaaaaaaas!! How old are you now?