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  1. Event

    I used to love it when the album came out but now it's just OK, a 6.
  2. Back to Black and Frank are both perfect, I prefer the former by just a little bit though.
  3. Discussion

    I'm used to the original and it's just such a perfect pop song but the remix punched me a bit too ngl
  4. Event

    3, it's not even fun in a camp way, it's just lifeless and bland.
  5. is like the only deserving one though. And at the end of the day, we can all pretend that it was inspired by Bey's Sorry so either way, we win. Also, if you haven't already, please @everyone vote for Chance the Rapper as Best New Artist and KAYTRANADA as Producer of the Year in this award thing <3
  6. Review

    Drag Locomotive. Lucky being less than a 10 though, that's not cute.
  7. I got 157 correct! I might have got one or two more but I ran out of time.
  8. One of the best debut singles of all time? Possibly, pure class and magic and obviously a 10.
  9. Event

    I want to give it an 11 so much but with Loving Gods and Dreams coming, I think I'll stay with a 10.
  10. Achievement

    Christ, except for Into the Blue (which is just mediocre) these are literally all among the worst things she's ever done. It was fun seeing her perform Les Sex as the opener, I legit couldn't see one person enjoying it.
  11. Except for f(x) all of my faves have at least one album I dislike/don't use.
  12. I barely tried with the Christmas ones as I never listen to them. I'm not surprised I missed all those Emancipation fillers and I was sure I'd typed Reflections in (dd) but I'm mad I forgot More Than Just Friends, I love that sing.
  13. Game

    Dress You Up, one of her best songs in general, followed by all other 80s singles and, sorry not sorry, Bitch I'm Madonna.
  14. Event

    lol I'm too much of a sucker for orchestral ballads to give it a 0 but it's so bad, like a 1.5, I guess?