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  1. Event

    It's grown on me a lot, a 2!
  2. Review

    Stan for Love Song, really underrated, though it would have obviously been better as Prince's solo. Dear Jessie J is trash, glad it got your lowest score, even if it's still far too high <3 oh, and you did her best album (Madonna) wrong
  3. Event

    1.5 because I actually feel kind of bad for it. Not her worst song though, I can think of at least six worse ones on KMO alone.
  4. Event

    2, one of the worst on X.
  5. Album

    Did I just see someone call Into the Groove Madge's worst song...? Anyway, cute!
  6. Game

    Right, both are solid 10s. As for Radio, it might be my least favourite Bey sing ever, a 1.
  7. Event

    11, truly one of her best and most underrated songs.
  8. I don't want to throw 10s away like candies so let me say 9.
  9. Game

    Yes, please do <3
  10. Game

    I remember how the majority of the base hated it in 2011, when did y'all start stanning? Anyway, it's a 4.
  11. Game

    Party (Album) vs. The Closer I Get to You
  12. Game

    ***Flawless vs. Irreplaceable