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    Queen nippy
  2. is obv your lucky day
  3. lemme fix it.
  4. we need to make it.... i'm not kidding... imagine ending a 3-paragraphs post with it....
  5. I hope she doesn't have rihanna's luck in love too..... I wish she get adopted and loved. girl we gonna get banned once the navy step a foot in here....
  6. @Anna-wa is a must follow in FOTP..... i think she's the kindest member i have ever seen in FOTP.
  7. I'm putting this in my sig......
  8. I CHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. FOTP is basically wondering about my age i guess.... I will change it after 3 months.
  10. they are like tom & jerry...
  11. it is all for fun.
  12. Don't make use it again and make all of your lives a living hell. I used it to piss some members in here off, and i think i did just that..... some member in here who has a funny voice got mad over a font.
  13. Michelle always be fuckin' shit up.... i'm sure that's distinctive.
  14. King of reporting.
  15. kiiiiii at kelly ..... they all look like they smell