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  1. Very strong ties to Russia, this dude. Interpret that as comforting or worrying as you will
  2. I'm saying it's overrated because many people fail to mention that even this decision still protects organizations who offer and perform abortions on women who have been the victim of rape and/or incest, or women who are in life-threatening conditions because of their pregnancy — I know that's not ideal, but it's also not as bad as many people paint it to be is all I meant with that word I disagree. The fact that there are exceptions is notable and commendable in my opinion This isn't about women, this is about him pleasing the pro-life religious folks that voted for him I agree that this is a setback, but it's a very predictable one. As long as there's no successful debate and resolution about abortion this tug of war will stay in place, so instead of acting like this wasn't 100% predictable maybe we can use this opportunity to have a proper discussion about it is all I'm saying For example: studies show that this policy actually results in more (botched) abortions. Surely this is not in Republicans' interests either. So maybe there's some middle ground we can reach that acknowledges both positions (which is possible even about a controversial issue like this) instead of this endless "yay my fav won now he can finally undo everything their predecessor has done" swamp
  3. TPP - fantastic, that was utter shit as even admitted by large amounts of lefties The abortion thing is overrated. Even those Mexico City rules make an exception for rape, incest or life-threatening conditions, so I don't think a lot of it tbh That was predictable and the fact that it always goes back and forth between presidents is proof that a proper debate and informing process hasn't taken place yet, so let's just focus on that instead of relying on presidents to spread our values.
  4. Sure, the problem is that the public is so fucking lazy and uneducated that they're not in a proper position to evaluate the bs they're saying People actually look to these pop starlets to educate them about politics Like, all of the female celebs whining about Trump's anti-woman personality omg you were all pushing us to vote for Hillary who notoriously held back progress for women's rights in the blatantly anti-woman Saudi Arabia just for her own political gain, don't pretend like you actually care about women's rights It'd be a lot better if the public was capable of properly responding to these typically stupid and un-nuanced celeb statements.
  5. Politics

    This always happens. That's no defense of Trump, it's just a statement about the general absurdity of this "democracy" where we vote for people for things we won't ever get
  6. Performance

    When is it airing tho omg
  7. "The order has symbolic as well as substantive significance, allowing Mr. Trump to claim he acted immediately to do away with a health care law he has repeatedly called disastrous, even while it remains in place and he navigates the politically perilous process of repealing and replacing it." Gorgeously written and insightful Is there still hope for journalists covering Trump?
  8. Celeb News

    Ugh, I really hope the "political content" on her album is gonna be ok and not try-hard and embarrassing
  9. A Gaga hater
  10. Other

    It's literally because she owns her sexuality and doesn't fake own her sexuality to actually just be the same sexy self-objectified panderer to the male gaze Simple as that. Depressingly simple as that. And what's more depressing is, indeed, that women have internalized that gaze and are punishing other women for being revolutionary
  11. Well, sure, but let's face it, this is a public discussion forum that is all about judging lives and careers for better or worse I obviously wouldn't make a big case for retirement if I'd actually meet Mariah, she can do whatever the fuck she wants, but I just have my simple, irrelevant opinion about it and that's literally it. I think it's a little weak to, after pages and pages of argumented discussion, now play the "well who are you to judge" card I mean, I'm no one to judge but it's just a discussion about opinions. You wouldn't apply that logic anywhere else. Who are we to judge about Trump? Who are we to judge about Hitler? And yes, I know that's a ridiculous comparison, but it's just to show that the underlying logic is dumb The Emancipation of Mimi was one of the first albums I bought with my own money and Mine Again will remain one of my go-to songs, but if I were her, I'd retire, simple as that, I am perfectly fine saying that while knowing I'm no one to judge, just like I'm no one to judge about any theoretical topic ever
  12. Her fans And she still has that aura of her past self hanging around her which helps a ton in her public success. People are still impressed by her vocals on something like Carpool Karaoke because they don't expect she can sing, the impact of the meat dress and the wigs It's not something I despise but I just think anyone could've made that, and in a year where someone like Beyoncé releases something as developed and creative as Lemonade it's just an embarrassing release for the artist that is supposedly here to make pop exciting and innovative
  13. Yas use that legendary pic Excited for this, I hope it's not embarrassing, the risk is great these days I wan't another situation like the VICE interview she did for #secretprojectrevolution. Good questions, no bs from her.