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  1. Gossip

    Well, that #LoveProject thing is airing during the Oscars, isn't it just that and they misunderstood?
  2. Discussion

    Slightly, yes Definitely a lot more enjoyable and emotional, as well as having more longterm appeal.
  3. Game

    Frozen with LAP as a close second Such mindfuck lead singles Hung Up tho that one was amazing to experience in real time Radio presenters losing their shit. And Erotica omg I forgot Whatever this is impossible to decide
  4. You already know he hates RH tho, what's the point of bringing that up every time it's so weak We all know Madonna lost it, does that mean we can't criticize someone else? And it's funny you left out the Ghosttown video anyway, which was clearly a social commentary, as well as several performances in the RH Tour And nothing she did was as tacky as Gaga bringing back Jesus, Gandhi, Lennon and MJ to steal their blood so her career could be revived We can play that game for eternity. Point is: Gaga is claiming she's making deep, important stuff (like she said in an interview promoting Joanne: how can she possibly release a song about twerking, her mind can only think of socially relevant commentary stuff) when the music doesn't show that at all, even less than her previous albums even though she's been pretending she made a big change towards quality and meaning away from artifice and fun-loving pop She's just as insufferable as Madonna promoting RH, both think they're some interesting game changing artists rn when their work is more basic than some of their least imaginative competition (for example Katy). So now that we threw both artists under the bus, can we get back on topic pls
  5. Single

    We'd like literally be best friends
  6. Music Video

    Pretty sure it's just a reference to Orwell's legendary book It fits the theme of the video perfectly.
  7. Music Video

    I also love that little statement about the disproportionately large judgment women receive in public media, when Katy's picture has so little likes on the on ride picture compared to the dude There's so much statements flying by. The bombs away ride being the perfect statement about America's drone war in the Middle East
  8. Music Video

    I also think it might be a reference to oil spills and illegal dumping and the environmental troubles it has long caused, in that way you could indeed humoristically say that contaminated water has a layer of oil on top of it so that you could light it on fire Besides, there's so much contamination that there might not be any real water to drink in a few years, I'm sure that's in it somewhere too Look at Katy getting us talking about world issues via a pop video Heiress of the Lemonade throne.
  9. Music Video

    It might have something to do with Westerners' obsessions with scientific development even though they're still just craving the same old thing and aren't advancing at all, like that weird contrast between the astronaut-ish operators of that stereotypical American family drop ride Maybe it's like.. scientists are serving entertainment and corporate demand rather than actual advancement, they don't get paid to actually make our lives better in a significant away, they're a part of the machine now.
  10. Music Video

    Literally, wtf.
  11. Music Video

    I think she was going for the juxtaposition between what drinking is actually for (water intake, hydration etc.) and what it has been replaced with in our culture: its opposite (aka destructive fire) Something "cool" that ultimately has no value beyond superficiality, which is of course the theme of the whole video.
  12. Music Video

    They could've gone further but I was still impressed with most of the scenes Has to be one of her best video's for sure, the directing and production was top notch here. Acting was spot on as usual. Some of it actually made me quite emotional The short shots of the people falling in the wheel, and just the general image of that: people lining up to run and inevitably waiting to fall (which was also the idea behind the American family drop ride which I thought was very clever), it was powerful Still a bit too preachy for my taste (that Marley revelation bit, despite Katy's amazing acting, was way too much) but still the most bearable commercial friendly political statement a celebrity has made recently.
  13. Omg yass DHY got one Didn't think that would happen. Some people have taste on this thing Like me