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  1. Imagine fighting over FOTP relevance when no one checks for either of you
  2. a me. i am mariah... the elusive hot 100 entry tea
  3. When you realize that @Sylk actually asked Onika to add bonus points to inflate his rep score
  4. When you realize you've known @Sylk since 2015
  5. The US cover of Honey was used in the most countries for some reason. It was also used in the UK. There were 2 CD Singles released, the first CD had the US cover and the second CD had a different cover
  6. Yes it is quite cute actually. The UK had some nice cover arts that weren't used in other countries
  7. @Royale @Mark I found the thread My stuff is on the second page
  8. It wasn't actually my thread, it was made by @Xtina Carey (I think) and I just posted pics of the collection in there But I need to find it, I don't know where it is
  9. 7 months after It's Like That was released, We Belong Together blocked Pon de Replay from #1. Coincidence? I think not
  10. I posted my collection in the "Post Your Mariah Collection" thread But that was a while ago, so some newer stuff I've gotten won't be there