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  1. Cleaned up capitalizations and added my explicit tags back.
  2. @Americunt slay me with the textless album art!
  3. you call me up at 6 come round undressing in my house again your tshirt's on the floor yeah we're undressing in my house again YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I LIKE
  4. OH WOW OH WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. oh wow! Vroom Vroom is shook
  6. Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) - 200.6 million Young and Beautiful - 200 million Video Games - 160 million Summertime Sadness - 147.4 million Born to Die - 135.5 million Blue Jeans - 101.6 million
  7. The first date is February 24, I thought the album was delayed until June tho?
  8. I saw that this morning i was like yes girl
  9. x why the fuck is she so vintage and cryptic
  10. this actually works perfectly
  11. our variety of taste as a stanbase is simply superior!
  12. did the final segment ever happen?
  13. omg hi your impact
  14. i love this section