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  1. Icons. Jenna Marbles found dead.
  2. He's an annoying mess but kinda entertaining
  3. i-
  4. I don't hear it tbh
  5. Kiss It Better outsold
  6. I love poetry
  7. Exactly, now go put on an ASMRMagic YouTube video and a Mariah Carey album and sleep
  8. how can I uncare when I didn't care to begin with
  9. Corruption of the youth is real
  10. No, not "I don't know her" like I really don't know, "I don't know her" like I don't care about her
  11. Don't know her
  12. Anyways someone is grumpy! Let's let her get her beauty sleep
  13. I mean considering I don't log on til 3 pm every day since I'm busy with my life...
  14. Rihanna skinny legend