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  1. going on vacations with my bf
  2. Oh mess I forgot about Who's That Puta But actually I think it's so funny that yet she ignored Causing a Commotion and Angel and Most of her LAP singles
  3. Actually it's a bunch of 80s singles + Beautiful Stranger + two tracks from every 90s and 00s album but Erotica that only has one
  4. lol it's DAD not love profusion me too
  5. actually two songs off AL and one off Erotica "I love Erotica and AL!!!"
  6. tbh I opened this thread and opened the last page I visited
  7. Do you?
  8. Review

    Despite not agreeing with these last two albums (I could've given them worse score) I'm very happy about these reviews and it was pretty entertaining! Thanks for making us perched to the section. @Lachlan
  9. hi