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  1. Honestly not 2 ruin ur mood bc I'm rly happy 4 u and I'm sure they're both ready to serve but don't get your hopes up too high because if the music is terrible you're not going to be let down by one of your favorite artists but two Honestly I'm kinda going into KP4 with optimism and trying to still stay a little negative about it because it's getting way too overhyped and at this rate I'm going to hate it when I hear it if I believe what ppl say and it's not one of the best albums ever
  2. Tbh I've been thinking this for months. If she worked with him once it'd be a a couple sessions and done type of thing. But it's been shown hes been in the studio with her A LOT. And it's odd that she really hasn't shown anyone else that she's working with besides one max Martin tweet. So I have a fealing jack has a large hand in making this record and that's also why they're so friendly with each other lately.
  3. They won't load all I see is a box that gets bigger and smaller reputatively and I want 2 scream I can't help u but Id trust @QUINN on this one if they really are that generic This Is Quite Good In Terms of tone and pitch! Although just some friendly advice, i would work on your pronunciation especially with the beginning of words and vowels. Other than that it was nice!
  4. Performance

    If it's the photo I think you're talking about its a traditional performing arts show called Shen Yun. I've never seen it but I've seen pamphlets for it a lot lately and it came to mind lmao. Thanks I meant to answer that and forgot so u reminded me
  5. Achievement

    If she knows the concept to the first single and or has it done the album is near finished if not already. She's probably taking one last vacation before having to do promo. My problem with this is the fact that I low key think she's hinting at an exercise themed video with the hamster and if she is I'm going to be annoyed bc I can think of 4 Vids like that from the last year off the top of my head
  6. I don't think so!! Most of the album related stuff has been on insta this month and i haven't seen or heard anything about any fish emojis.
  7. Performance

    Okay so the theme is mermaids but it's like SUPER dark so katy will be wearing something like her friend in this pic: no but in reality if we're talking the elemental themes I'd like to see 5 themes and all of them kinda mature and mysterious One segment would be storms/light and dark and I'd like visuals like this... maybe serve a bit of prism or alternatively for lightning and then for fire I want her to sell sex I want fire and I want latex cat stuff would have to be in this portion For air I want light and I want ethereal and acoustic looks with mostly white backgrounds (though the pictures i posted don't have white backgrounds) For earth I'd like really grounded browns and greens and oranges and rise inspired looks... if she does something asian inspired this is the time to do that... some fighting stylized choreo would be gr8 and then I want her to do a really beautiful dark water visuals based on the moon because it controls the tides And that's all my ideas on the whole elemental theme rn lmao... that took me forever gtg
  8. Hiii! How are yall? I suck at reading this thread it moves too fast I'm not on here enough to keep up
  9. I am not filling anything!!!!!! I am a child of God!!
  10. Do yall know what country is or...
  11. Discussion

    Katy has said herself she gets political on this album and that the majority of it is about the world + her life... there's at least 1 song about sex she's written but who knows if it's going to make it I don't think a full album about sex is a "mature" step for her tho tbh
  12. I would watch this video/listen to this song way more if Timbaland didn't touch his chin so much in the video It started out as something just distracting and funny but it's gotten to the point where I can picture him in my head touching his chin while listening to this song it's haunting
  13. Ed Sheeran is confirmed and Selena is working on her album but it was done before she went into the hospital so it was either scrapped or she's just tweaking a few things. Lorde is basically confirmed for next year. Charli XCX is dropping an album but it'll probably commercially flop. Reportedly so are the BEP and Avril Lavigne is confirmed. A bey - jay album is still rumored too. And like you said, Taylor + Ariana have a high probability of releasing. So a lot of pretty big artists are releasing next year... some it's been a while since they've released tho.
  14. Do you think Katy can become as big of an album artist as Taylor or Bey? Think about it, Beyonce up until 4 (and arguably self-titled) was very much considered a singles artist by the general public. Katy has been on the same level as Bey when she released 4 for years now. I mean if you disregard their material before their current monikers/groups (Katy Hudson & Destiny's Child) technically speaking Katy is the more successful of the two. Dangerously In Love - One Of The Boys B'Day - Teenage Dream I Am... Sasha Fierce -PRISM Since Katy is reportedly evolving into an album artist with self reflective lyrics do y'all think if handled properly Katy can go on to get Bey sales figures?