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  1. Game

    10. Obviously.
  2. My dad loves Taylor Swift. He stans for several songs by her (All Too Well, Begin Again, Enchanted, Out of the Woods, State of Grace, Wildest Dreams...) My mum doesn't hate her, thinks she's beautiful and wants me to marry her.
  3. Game

    Such a majestic alternative rock song. One of the main reasons why she's a gifted songwriter. "Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right." 10.
  4. Discussion

    1. Ray of Light 2. Music 3. Erotica
  5. Game

  6. Game

    10(00000000000). This is my favourite song by her.
  7. Game

    10. Perfect song.
  8. Live iTunes US | 2017-01-03, 18:30 EST | "1 ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) 1.0000" Yes, Queen!
  9. Celeb News

    Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy... She just joined my favourite role-playing game franchise. She is a queen.
  10. Great! I'll send you my votes soon!
  11. Other

    Break Free
  12. Game

    10, of course! Honeymoon Avenue is better than sex.
  13. I'm Poppy. Happy new year... sometimes life is meaningful but I hate everyone, but I like tagging everyone. [Poppy, shut up! Laurent says.]

    I like @Hylia because he loves Kate Bush. I also like @Juinae because he is Canadian and a Swiftie and is great. I also like @Tiny Little Bows because he slays and I appreciate eating sushis. And I like @absinthe because he speaks English very well. I even like @Sylk because he likes Vision of Love and is kind, @Taylor because he likes Blank Space, @Robert because he likes Enchanted and he is beautiful, @Dr. Slay, @blankdreams. because they like All Too Well, and @Hannah. because she wants to marry Thinking Bout You,she's amazing, and I'm drunk and it's 2:00am.

    And I wish you... all the members of FOTP, a happy new year! :) 

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    2. blankdreams.

      omg slay me happy new ear!

    3. Hyperballad

      OMG, did I really post that? Ok, I was really drunk yesterday... 

      I even forgot to mention @Princess Aurora. I'm sorry, darling.

      But thanks, everyone! cry1


    4. absinthe

      Just saw this! Thank you for mentioning me @Hyperballad!