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  1. @Hyun. BTS! Yes, that song slays! Queens.
  2. I love him and I guess I'm the only one.
  3. Discussion

    Red >>>
  4. One of the best pop songs ever. That guitar line and that chorus.


  5. @Juinae is still here.. OMG. What? Why? And that song is perfect.


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    2. PhCh

      Stan this masterpiece cry7 

    3. Hyperballad

      @PhCh Let me follow you. brit7

    4. PhCh

      Followed back ny1 

  6. I've been listening to that song by @Juinae for 25 minutes. And life is good. 


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    2. Hyperballad

      Yeah! And that hot guy. I wish I were Taylor. brit2

    3. Taylor

      22 minutes ago, Hyperballad said:

      Yeah! And that hot guy. I wish I were Taylor. brit2

      Don't we all? tina1 

    4. Jae

      Best song on 1989 cry0 

  7. @Hannah.. Queen. @Taylor and @Sylk's status are awesome... But don't worry, your status are like that song:


  8. That fucking "battle" (between @Taylor and @Sylk) made my day/night. You, guys are like Bulbasaur and Salamander or Ash and Misty. :D 

    1. Taylor

      Gayme Of Thrones

    2. Princess Aurora

      They're the best at throwing shade ny1 

  9. She's talented, she has a beautiful voice, she write perfect songs. Our British queen. @Tiny Little Bows


    1. Hermione

      I love this song so much omg <333

    2. Hyperballad

      Me too. That song...

    3. Princess Aurora

      This song is everything yas2 

  10. "There are too many questions
    There is not one solution." You're right.


  11. "We'd make out in your MUSTANG to RADIOHEAD." That song. Those lyrics. Let me stan her again.



  12. @TattooedHeart Do you know that song? It's not easy.


    1. TattooedHeart

      I do! I liked this a lot at one point 

    2. Hyperballad

      Queen of rock!