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  1. This is perhaps one of the funniest and most evil things I've ever heard
  2. Discussion

    Honey water is wet
  3. Honestly this is fucking revenge for leaking her shit - teasing like this Never mind putting a hex on Trump she's gonna be fucking cursing her fans
  4. Trollana I was having Froot Of The Month war flashbacks for a sec
  5. Brinteresting. A lot of possibilities I honestly thought the album would come like next month tho
  6. I mean my first thought is songs. If so it looks like the album release won't be until May or June
  7. Kii what even is a Honeymoon Inn I would not stay there
  8. Truly over
  9. Speaks volumes
  10. Shut up FATylk
  11. Kii who's seen that video where that guy chops a tree down but there was a snake in the middle of the tree so he sliced it in half That was me and Taylor btw
  12. Enjoy that downvote Taylor you vile snake
  13. What you waiting for?