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  1. Also @Lord Stoneheart Love the new Avi
  2. Wtf is this even supposed to be on the bottom of the Golden Boy Vinyl. Looks like a Crab Claw or smth
  3. here

    am i the only one that keeps having existential moments over Trump being president jj4 like how he even managed to do THAT jj4

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    2. Tiny Little Bows

      Sometimes I'll catch myself laughing at something, and then I'll remember that he's the President and I instantly stop. giveup1

    3. Aidan.

      I just don't understand how he managed to do it like besides everything else wrong with him he is SO NOT QUALIFIED AT ALL giveup1noway1rih9

    4. Aidan.


  4. Did we have a thread for this before? I Can't remember. Anyway - rank her album covers Mine - Impossible Princess > Body Language > Kylie Minogue > Let's Get To It > X > Light Years > Fever > Aphrodite > Kiss Me Once > Rhythm Of Love > Kylie > Enjoy Yourself
  5. Event

    The next song is TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING Actually gonna use my week's 11 on this LEGENDARY track. One of her best PWL songs Upcoming Songs
  6. Event

    Didn't expect the forum to be back up yet but here we are I'm So High Scores a 7.53/10 Scores thus far
  7. Discussion

    Well I paid a fuck load for it but my copy arrived today It wasn't brand new but the seller did keep the sleeve in the shrink so it's basically brand new
  8. Album

    It wasn't about Legend Minogue 94
  9. Event

    Going to post the results for I'm So High and the next song some time after the forum is back up later. Not sure when it will be because I gotta work too and not sure til what time. So it might be late
  10. Photos

    Me when I sense that Vertigo-go has shaded me
  11. Review

    I think Light Years and LGTI both scored an 80/100 from me. I feel like Light Years songs are either really good or really shite. Where as LGTI is like in the middle to great for the most part. Except for If You Were In The Trash Bin I'm listening to LGTI on vinyl right now though. It's 3:30am and I can't sleep
  12. Review

    No World Without You is cute also but I prefer the Original Mix cause it actually has production lol
  13. Review

    OH MY GOD Actually mine was also sealed so there's that too
  14. Review

    Also I love Live and Slay
  15. Review

    Omfg I paid like over 70 Canadian for mine I've heard of people getting it at markets for like just a few bucks