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  1. This is a dumb question tbh, Nicki is obviously going to respond. Why wouldn't she?
  2. Once again, Hannah slays at writing!
  3. here

    when I'm angry, I just stare at this gif and all my problems go away. wub1 

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    1. Coca-Cola

      i'm gonna steal this gif so i can do the same wub1


    2. Maraj

      yes go ahead! ny1 

    3. Hermione

      This live-action Disney prince!

  4. Wow I haven't had to deal with this mess since the Lil Kim incident, i-
  5. Anyways, we all know the routine Nicki gets dissed and then she disses back. Then after that, she's still gonna be the biggest female rapper ever and nothing is gonna change.
  6. because she needs the promo obviously
  7. She's still on parole sweetie
  8. True I did too but then he became a reality television actor so... next! I don't know I think she shot someone or something stupid but here's her mugshot
  9. Yeah I agree Nicki is coming, don't worry. She's not like her ex boyfriend who took months to get back at Drake.
  10. I'm screaming, people on Twitter are bringing out the receipts of Remy "praising" Nicki.
  11. Sadly she did, I'm just gonna pretend she didn't do it. It was actually their mother who paid for him to get out of it but if Remy wants to state alleged facts then she can
  12. it's funny because her 4-5 fans are always on Twitter checking for EVERYTHING that Nicki does, they literally wait to see if she's gonna post a picture so they can run and find something that Kim wore. But yeah she needs this attention, let's hope her album sales can go up now
  13. The fact that she said this..... let's just pray Nicki doesn't bring up Remy's miscarriage
  14. Yeah I can admit as a rap fan that she kinda did Oh she posted that video of Bey calling her a rap queen which I think she should delete asap