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  1. I like Joanne, but ANTi is just a much better album.
  2. I voted 1 because I tried really getting into her and there's nothing really intriguing.
  3. Photos

    True, I must've ignored that. It's probably for A-YO with some footage of the Apple Music commercial.
  4. Photos

    It's most likely for the Super Bowl.
  5. Game

    Sorry it took so long but it's now complete! https://igovthooker.tumblr.com/ladygaga-songsorter
  6. Photos

    Nevermind I found it http://i.imgur.com/E8DNTFv.gif
  7. Game

    No, just the album tracks.
  8. Game

    I'm currently making an updated version with the songs from Joanne if any of y'all are still interested