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  1. Game

  2. omg true, no more of that messy eyeliner
  3. lbr, she would have worn something ugly She needs a better stylist
  4. omg she's such a goddess
  5. when is it supposed to come out?
  6. tbh, where's my disney movie with Ariana as the main character
  7. @Hannah. omg that avi
  8. I'll stay out of this
  9. I love having beautiful faves!
  10. Charts

    She can keep it!
  11. Discussion

    I only remember it cause I thought her hair was cute
  12. Discussion

    I agree entirely with @Hannah.'s ranking tbh if you count LMLY, I'd put it right above DW. Just as boring, but I liked her hair
  13. unrelated but I know the Hockey team at my school apparently used to ask girls to line up and they would one by one go down the line and pick which girl they wanted to fuck