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  1. AND THAT'S A WRAP! Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thanks to the performers! BEST ALBUM: Lana Del Rey - Silver BEST SONG: Harry Styles - Bloodstream BEST MALE ARTIST: Maxence BEST FEMALE ARTIST: Lorde BEST NEW ARTIST: Maxence BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Maxence - Shhh... BEST MUSIC FILM (LONG FORM VIDEO): Christina Milian - Neverland / Neverland Pt. II BEST VIDEO WITH A SOCIAL MESSAGE: Christina Milian - Neverland / Neverland Pt. II BEST COLLABORATION: Charli XCX ft. Troye Sivan - Rainstorm BEST RECORDING PACKAGE (ALBUM VISUALS): Belinda - Life In A Canvas DUNKIN' DONUTS 'MASTER OF THE STAGE' AWARD FOR BEST TOUR: Lindsay Lohan - The Foolish Intelligence World Tour MICHAEL JACKSON VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD: Lana Del Rey ---
  2. MARIAH CAREY CLOSES THE MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS WITH A STUNNING ARCANE MEDLEY The performance begins with Mariah standing at the bottom of what seems to be a mountain. We can see Maxence performing with her as they both slowly walk to the edge of the mountain. Both their performance were strong and they managed to compliment each other's voice well. However, during the outro of the performance, we could see Mariah falling down at the edge of the mountain. As soon as Mariah falls down from the edge of the mountain (that has cascades) on stage, the screen at both sides of the stage shows a footage of Mariah plunging into water while all the stage lights cut to black, making the entire stage dark. Over here, we could see Mariah swimming on the screen, as if she was desperate to find something that she's lost. However, she still managed to swim gracefully within the waters. Soon after, a loud drum bass-like instrumental could be heard clearly in the background as a monologue that was spoken by Mariah was heard. "What is the use of being adventurous? When there's nothing good for me to gain? What is the use of it all... when I can feel a part of me, drifting away?" After that, the intro to Drifting Away could be heard playing within the background. Within the extremely deep river that was constructed by Mariah's team and VMAs, the water brightens up as Mariah gracefully comes out of the water for air. Half of her body remains in the water as she starting cooing a haunting voice, giving support to the static EDM beat that echoed throughout the entire venue. We could clearly see the dancers moving around as Mariah slowly comes out on the more drier side of the stage as she performs the song. Mariah walks around the edge of the water while being totally wet. "Roaring Cascades / They're flowing through me / Its current is slowly beginning to make me fade," Mariah sings as she goes back into the water. Soon after, we can see a rope coming down from the top as she ties herself onto the safety rope. During the climax of the performance, which is the instrumental leading up until the chorus and also the chorus itself, Mariah was lifted into mid air with a rope in the middle of the stage as she spins around. She spins around gracefully as she sang the chorus of the song. "Why am I afraid? / Of the unknown that lies ahead?", Mariah sings as the breakdown begins to play. Within the background, we could see fog begin to cover up the stage as something strange occur. Some VHS vintage effect occur as Mariah slowly disintegrates on stage while the instrumental of Drifting Away prominently plays within the background. The effect was created with optical illusions as well as the help of technology as well as the fog. The crowd was clearly left shaken by the view of the VHS effect that occurred on Mariah herself. We could hear a light glass breaking sound as the lights go to black. After a few seconds, we can hear the sound of a piano playing slowly within the background. The piano fades within the background as the lights brightens up, to reveal a choir in white within the background. The intro to 'White Doves' begins to play as Mariah stood at the side of the now slightly empty stage with a pair of wings on her back. The choir backed her up throughout the entire performance of the section of White Doves. During the final chorus of White Doves, which serves as the climax of the song, Mariah walks to the middle of the stage as bright light shines behind Mariah. Slowly but surely, the wings behind Mariah begin to flap and move as Mariah floats up. It's as if the pair of wings is making her fly and she's liberated from whatever that's holding her down. Mariah flew across the venue before slowly descending in the midst of a platform that was erected among the audiences, who were surprised to see Mariah in all her glory. The instrumental plays and the choir backs Mariah up as she reaches the ground. MEDLEY CONSISTS OF Inside REMAX - Drifting Away - White Doves AUDIO INSTRUMENTAL OF THE VMAs PERFORMANCE https://clyp.it/uxxwfhob @Jon. ---
  3. Lana Del Rey - Silver @Harry_CAL --- Congratulations to Lana Del Rey! The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award recipient caps off a huge night by taking home the Moonman for Best Album. Her album 'Silver' was released last year as part of the singers massive comeback - it's nice to have you back Lana! ---
  4. FLORENCE WELCH PRESENTING THE AWARD FOR BEST ALBUM The nominees are: Maxence – Night Air Lana Del Rey – Silver Mariah Carey – Arcane Lorde – Speed of Light Harry Styles – lusT AND THE WINNER IS...
  5. Harry Styles - Bloodstream @Harry Styles --- Congratulations to Harry Styles! This is the first win for tonight's show opener, who is also nominated for Best Album. Could Harry take home both Best Song and Best Album? ---
  6. FLORENCE WELCH PRESENTING THE AWARD FOR BEST SONG The nominees are: Lorde – Dangerous Harry Styles – Bloodstream Lana Del Rey - Scars Maxence – Me & The Mirror Christina Milian – Hometown AND THE WINNER IS...
  7. James Corden: "I hate to have to say this, but we have come to the final two categories tonight. I know, I know, you don't want to leave, but it's ok because we still have an incredible performance from Mariah Carey to look forward to! But first, let's get our next presenter out here to present the awards for Best Song and Best Album. Please join me in welcoming to the stage, my friend, Florence Welch." ---
  8. SURPRISE COMMERCIAL SPOT The commercial begins with a black screen. Slowly a dark electro R&B instrumental fades in, and visuals of a desert appear on the screen. As the music plays, the camera moves along the desert and we see that various items are strewn along the sand. We can see picture frames, and golden arrows, silver handcuffs and empty boxes of chocolate. The camera continues to move for about fifteen seconds showing the various objects, until finally it reveals a man lying in the sand. He's sprawled on the ground and is unmoving, but he has various scars all bleeding different colors all over his body. The camera halts when his face fills the frame. The screen then cuts to a gray screen, and the single cover for 'True Colors' appears. Then these words are spoken by an announcer, "True Colors, the brand new single from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack...by Rihanna. Available now!" @Alesus ---
  9. Maxence @Robert. --- Congratulations AGAIN Maxence! With his third Moonman tonight, Maxence officially takes the lead in the race to be tonight's biggest winner. And he could make it 4 if he takes home Best Album for 'Night Air'! ---
  10. ELLEN DEGENERES PRESENTING THE AWARD FOR BEST MALE ARTIST The nominees are: Troye Sivan Brendon Urie Maxence Harry Styles AND THE WINNER IS...
  11. Lorde @Bleachella --- Congratulations Lorde! This is Lorde's first VMA of the night and it is the cherry on the top of what was a phenomenal 2016 for the young Kiwi singer.' Her latest album 'Speed of Light' is also up for Best Album tonight. ---
  12. ELLEN DEGENERES PRESENTING THE AWARD FOR BEST FEMALE ARTIST The nominees are: Belinda Lana Del Rey Mariah Carey Kelly Clarkson Lorde AND THE WINNER IS...
  13. James Corden: "Congratulations to Maxence! And a massive congratulations to all of winners tonight. We're now getting down to our last few categories, so please join me in welcoming our next presenter who will announce the winners of Best Male and Best Female! She's an award-wining television host, a comedian, an actress, an activist, a role model and above all else, the loveliest woman you'll ever meet. Ladies and gentlemen, Ellen Degeneres! " ---
  14. Maxence - Shhh... @Robert. --- Congratulations once again Maxence! The singer takes home the award for Best Music Video, adding to his win for Best New Artist from earlier tonight. But it doesn't end there, Maxence is still up for 3 more awards tonight including Best Album. ---