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  1. March 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 26 27 28 1 2 3 4 SNL: Troye Sivan SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Britney Spears CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: Christina Milian X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: Britney Spears Rising Star (Brazil): Christina Milian X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: Ali Ali The Voice Australia: Glass Animals SNL: ? 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SMAP X SMAP: Ariana Grande iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: Britney Spears Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Troye Sivan The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Ariana Grande X Factor UK: Charli XCX Le Grand Journal: ? Paris Store Launch Performance Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Zendaya X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: Troye Sivan Jimmy Fallon: Bella The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW SNL: ? 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 SMAP X SMAP: ? LINDSAY LOHAN TAKE-OVER ALL WEEK iTunes Take-Over: Rihanna CAL Tube Take-Over: Rihanna Ellen: Lindsay Lohan Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Lindsay Lohan The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: Lindsay Lohan The Voice Australia: ? © Calendarpedia® Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: Vogue- Rihanna Rolling Stone- Troye Sivan Elle- ? Time Magazine- ? Harper's Bazaar- Christina Milian V Magazine- ? Billboard Magazine- Maxence
  2. @Belinda Belinda made a CAL Business arranged meeting with Nadid Zayen Al Nayhan, daughter of Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nayhan who works for the Abu Dhabi government. Belinda, Lorde, Mariah Carey and Rihanna all performed at Nadid's wedding in December. Due to Belinda's close relationship with Nadid, Nadid wanted to take a pregnancy photo-shoot with Belinda for an exclusive interview with Al Madrasa Magazine. Belinda will need to stay in Abu Dhabi for the entire week until Thursday and cannot promote anywhere but there. (As was accepted in the CAL B deal) السؤال: ما الذي يحدث؟ وأنا أفهم أن كنت حاملا! حظ جيد! نعم أنا حامل، وأنا سعيدة للغاية بليندا وافقت على التقاط صور معي إلى البوابة الرئيسية! أنا أحب ذلك! السؤال: لماذا تعتقد تحديدا عن بليندا البوابة؟ أعتقد أن هذا هو واحد من أفضل المطربين في العالم. أنا أيضا أحب Lorde ولكن وعودها هنا حتى غدا ذلك صحيح، لأنه قليلا بخيبة أمل من Lorde حيث أمرت بليندا. أعتقد أن علاقتنا أكثر عمقا. السؤال:لماذا اخترت لتصويرها وهي عارية؟ فإنه يمكن إسقاط أي شيء خطأ لتبين للناس هل تعلم؟ أعتقد أن هناك شيء جميل جدا تعريض نفسك. وافق بليندا معي. بدا الامر وكأننا الحرية. Lorde سؤال: قلت قبل ذلك كنت غاضبا لماذا؟ ترك ووعدت لي كل أنواع الوعود أنني لن أكررها. هذه الغرامة هي ناجحة الآن وأنا المعترضة لها. أكل القرنبيط! ولكن دعونا نعود إلى بليندا. هو حقا موهوب جدا وجميلة جدا. كان ذلك متعة لالتقاط صور معها ويشعر نجوم. السؤال: ما أنت تخطط للمستقبل؟ أنا حقا أريد أن أكون مغنية. نأمل أن بعضها البعض. أنا أحب لهم جميعا!
  3. 噂は本当です!日本の真珠は3月8日に噂によると日本に来ている。世界的なスーパースターは先週発表された非常に成功したアルバム「Arcane」を支持する公式のコンサートの日程を今週発表する。マライア・キャリーを日本に連れて来るプロデューサーによると、「Across The Hallway」歌手は東京ドームで55,000人以上のパフォーマーを演奏する。スターは、アメリカグラミー賞で前に彼女と演奏した彼女の親友、姉妹セリーヌディオンと一緒に来るだろう。日本の真珠はまだ噂を確認していませんが、すぐに世界の最大の星と日本の真珠を見ることができると言っても過言ではありません! 日本人のファンである「私は彼女が日本の真珠であることを誇りに思っている」と語った。 。日本での噂のあるショーは、多くのスタジアムコンサートのうちの1つです。マライアはツアーのためにアジアの足の一部として演奏する予定です。ユニバーサルミュージックグループジャパンのスポークスパーソンは、このニュースを確認しなかったが、「マライア・キャリーは現時点で世界的ツアーを計画している。インディー・シンガーのラナ・デル・レイは、マライア・キャリーの噂のパフォーマンスから3日後にも日本で演奏する。絶賛されたアルバム「SILVER」を支持する彼女のコンサートは、チケットが残っていなくても完売しています。
  4. February 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 SNL: Brendon Urie SMAP X SMAP: Mariah Carey iTunes Take-Over: Shakira CAL Tube Take-Over: Christina Milian Ellen: Bella Alan Carr: Harry Styles & Belinda Chinese Idol: Shakira X Factor USA: Christina Milian The Voice USA: Bella Rising Star (Brazil): Mariah Carey X Factor UK: Harry Styles & Belinda Le Grand Journal: Shakira Jimmy Fallon: Rihanna The Voice Australia: Troye Sivan SNL: ? 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: Lorde Ellen: Lana Del Rey Alan Carr: Lorde Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Harry Styles & Belinda The Voice USA: Lana Del Rey Rising Star (Brazil): Ali Ali X Factor UK: Lorde Le Grand Journal: Harry Styles & Belinda Jimmy Fallon: Harry Styles & Belinda The Voice Australia: Christina Milian SNL: Rihanna & Bella BEGINS TOUR 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 SMAP X SMAP: Charli XCX iTunes Take-Over: Rihanna & Bella CAL Tube Take-Over: Mariah Carey MARIAH CAREY TAKE-OVER ALL WEEK BELINDA COMMERCIAL ALL WEEK Ellen: Harry Styles & Belinda Alan Carr: Shakira Chinese Idol: Charli XCX X Factor USA: Christina Aguilera The Voice USA: Belinda Rising Star (Brazil): Ariana Grande #PepsiHalftime X CAL Tube Competition Deadline X Factor UK:? Le Grand Journal: Zendaya Jimmy Fallon:? The Voice Australia: Harry Styles & Belinda SNL: Secret 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Secret CAL Tube Take-Over: Secret Ellen: ? Alan Carr: Troye Sivan Chinese Idol: Zendaya X Factor USA: Belinda The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Charli XCX X Factor UK:? Le Grand Journal: Charli XCX Jimmy Fallon: Troye Sivan The Voice Australia: Mariah Carey SUPERBOWL HALFTIME PERFORMER DECIDED 26 27 28 1 2 3 4 SNL: Troye Sivan SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: Christina Milian X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Christina Milian © Calendarpedia® Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: Vogue- Secret Rolling Stone- Lana Del Rey Elle- Shakira Time Magazine- Rihanna Harper's Bazaar- Christina Aguilera V Magazine- Belinda Billboard Magazine- Charli XCX
  5. EXCLUSIVE TIPS FROM LINDSAY LOHAN & LANA DEL REY Credits for the voice go to: @httppolarize NFL: It's good to have you both here! Lana Del Rey: It's my pleasure. Lindsay: And it's nice to be here today! Now, if only my kids would stop asking me when Mariah is going to be announced as the Super Bowl Halftime performer. I already told them... it's not up to me, but to my beautiful fans out there! NFL: (laughs) You two performed on the world's biggest stage. How was it like? Do you go back and say- "Oh I wish I did it differently..." or are you completely satisfied with what you did? Lana Del Rey: It was honestly a blur. You spend weeks preparing and rehearsing, then it's suddenly over. I can barely remember how it happened! But I think I encapsulated the artist I was at that time with my performance, so I can't hold any regrets for that. It was an incredible experience that I'll never forget. Lindsay: I guess, being the perfectionist that I am, there's always something that could have been done in a different way. But in the end, it's all about experiencing the moment. Once you perform on that stage, you feel like you have achieved your peak as an entertainer. Lana Del Rey: I personally don't think of the Super Bowl as a peak. I think my experience elevated me as a performer and I won't look back. I hope the performer of this years show will feel that benefit too. Lindsay: You don't get to headline the Super Bowl twice and gather that many people together in a performance again. Concert-wise, I strongly believe that nothing will top the sensation of being in the middle of that green field. NFL: You both pulled one hell of a visual show! Whether it is you falling off an airplane, the huge rainbow effect that is still talked about till this day, Lindsay. Or your fireworks, synchronized swimmers and moving stage, Lana- Do you think the visual aspect of the show is the most important? Lana Del Rey: I don't think you can separate the visuals and the music as different elements with something like the halftime show. The point is the combination, and it has to be seamless. It's certainly the greatest challenge. I'm the first to admit I'm not a natural born performer, so it was great for me to have a fantastic team around me to realise my vision. It's a cumulative effort, but I feel that both music and visuals are equally important on this platform. Lindsay: The aesthetic is always a crucial point for me. I want my fans to not only listen to the music, but also to visualize it. And if I can do that, I'll do my best to provide them with the best visuals I possibly can. When I'm my studio, recording my music, I'm already thinking about how I'll manage to put out a visual for it. It's all about taking the energy of that song and transitioning into something bigger. NFL: How did you celebrate the night after the performance? (laughs) I'm sure it was quite a relief. How did your family, friends and fans react? Lindsay: I remember eating a whole box of pizza in the minute following the performance. But after that, I got to see my mom and my dad, and they were both crying and hugging each other. They usually don't talk to each other due multiple reasons, so to witness such a moment, made me feel really proud of myself. For those few seconds, it wasn't about performing in front of the world, but about bringing my parents together. Lana Del Rey: I'll tell you that the Super Bowl after-parties are like nothing else (laughs). It was a relief, and actually very emotional. I felt so humbled after the performance. The sensation was incredible, and the love I felt from everyone just amplified that tenfold. Playing in tiny bars in New York all those years ago, I never thought I'd be on that stage. And it went down well, and that's really indescribable. NFL: Lindsay, you sent a very political message on stage when you brought out the hundreds of proud gay men & women on stage. Do you think the Superbowl Halftime stage is the place to send these type of messages? Lindsay: First of all, I would like to thank NFL for being so open-minded and for letting me make that statement. I felt like it was much needed at that very moment in space and time, with the tension going on in the world. We still have so much work to do, countries like Australia per example, are still facing problems regarding the legalization of same sex marriage. And I, as an artist, do feel the pressure of using my voice towards a bigger cause. While others, tend to go through the easy route and just do more of the same. If you own the biggest stage of all, use it to spread a message, do it, regardless of what people may think afterwards. NFL: So you both know our four lucky contestants. Lana, you tweeted in support of Rihanna! Lindsay, you tweeted in support of Mariah. Why did you specifically choose them? Lindsay: We're talking about Mariah fucking Carey, dahhhling (laughs). I don't think there's a better option, to be completely honest. I may sound completely bias right now, because she was invited to be at my Halftime, but she's just the ideal choice for me. She already did an amazing redeption national anthem last year, her new album was recently released, which I may risk to say that is her magnum opus, and I know how hard her team has been fighting against all odds to make her regain relevance after all the issues she went through these last couple of months. Besides, she's one of my best friends in this industry, one that has been 100% supportive since I started to make my music comeback. So, don't forget to keep using the hashtag #PepsiHalftimeMariah! She's the one who deserves to be at that stage. Lana Del Rey: I love Rihanna. I am a fan of the other ladies, too, but Rihanna is a great friend of mine and she's also one of the greatest artists in the industry right now. You look at how much she has achieved in a relatively small space of time and how strong she is still going - she's still in the prime of her career. I don't believe there'd be a better time for her to do the halftime show. To capture her in this moment of her career. Plus she has such a huge catalogue of so many amazing records, and she can put on one hell of a show. Plus she's one of the hardest working women I know and she'd give it her all. NFL: That's great. And our final question, what is the BEST tip you could possibly give to the upcoming Halftime Performer that will be announced this February? Lana Del Rey: It's hard to say. Don't let the pressure get the better of you. All of the artists in the running deserve to play the show, and all will do an incredible job. You were all selected for a reason, and you are more than equipped to entertain the world at the halftime show. Just remember that, and do what you do best. I can't wait to see what happens. Lindsay: I feel like Mariah should start rehearsing already (laughs). Seriously though, the rehearsal phase it's the most challenging one as it is one of the most rewarding ones, since you get to spend a lot of time with your dancers and overall team, creating an even bigger bond with them. You get to create and shape a moment that will impact, not only your career, but all those people around you. Stay confident and humple, make your ideas come to life and most importantly, trust in yourself. Regardless of whom you support, don't constrain their creative power. Let it be. NFL: Thank you girls for being here! Wish you best luck in 2017 and hope you'll continue to follow the #PepsiHalftime campaign! Lana Del Rey: Thank you for having me here. Best of luck with the show! Lindsay: Thanks for having me here today. I'm sure this Halftime show will be great and cannot wait to tune in on February 24th to see who's going to be headlining! #PepsiHalftimeMariah
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