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  1. Game

    7 not my fave but still a bop, one of the better to okay songs on IASF
  2. If I hung out with Beyoncé I would be so starstruck omg but if I could do anything I would love to have an MTV crib esque tour of her house get to meet Julius, Blue, Jay, Solange and Tina I would want a nice chill day, just get to know her on a personal level find out what her favorite things are like TV Shows, foods that stuff and behind the scenes of her creative process (ask or plead her for MCSWT DVD & Formation Tour DVD ) I would ask how she feels about how she as an a famous musician doesn't have a big online presence and how she thinks that effects her if any I would ask for life tips and also tell how much she has impacted my life Honestly after a bit I would just treat Bey as one of my friends and just try to have the most normal experience
  3. Game

  4. I think all the male pop singers try to recapture MJ or follow some of his formula He does have good music, but he really just hasn't done anything special in a while Bruno's been lackluster and I think the Weeknd, like Chris, has a reputation and people don't listen to him bc of that Chris is definitely miles better than Justin Bieber and all these other Canadian twinks with record deals I think he's a strong R&B act, yes his dancing, in his prime, is probably unmatched unless it's Jackson in Thriller era It's sad honestly cause Chris has had so much potential and doesn't capitalize on it I think Loyal and Look At Me Now, while hits, are just like come on dude He can release better quality music, but with how easy it is to have slight Rap and Trap R&B I don't think he will move away from that in the foreseeable future
  5. see I get what she's VAGUELY trying to say, about respect however when there have been incidents where: - People protested George Bush when the Recession hit and his blatant neglect to NOLA after Katrina - the Right to literally ANYTHING Obama tried to pass as a means of progress - even earlier years like the Press to Nixon and Watergate these examples show clearly that the USA's values and what this country is about is thinking critically about ANY member in power whether we agree or not, whether we are the majority or not it has always been a right that we think honestly and critically of our leaders why does Trump get a pass from this, but these other leaders I mentioned, are okay to criticize? Sorry Nicole, but it's a good thing you aren't an US Citizen cause you don't know jack shit about what our country & what it's based off of Before you get a green card to the USA, read up about its' history and rights first!
  6. Russia keeps taking L after L as if an abusive relationship can just be one day he slaps you and that's it as if abusive relationships are not a cat and mouse game that is not defined by just one bad situation and call the cops very messy views of what an actual abusive relationship is poor Putin, it's ironic his name is the pet name for what Harley Quinn calls the Joker
  7. Game

  8. Well he's certainly one of the most relevant R&B BOYS I wouldn't stretch Chris to be a "Pop boy", he's definitely more known (especially his older and better material) as an R&B artist There really aren't a lot of GOOD pop guys, so minus how much I don't like him as a person, I could agree with this However he just hasn't made a good solid album, at least to my liking, in a while I think we do focus on the personal aspects than the music, for many people they believe Michael Jackson molested children, but separate the music from what they think of him (in this regard) I think we need to do that more often, especially now, but let's not kid ourselves Michael Jackson was never such a downright terrible asshole of a person as Chris Brown MJ gets a pass because of what he did for the industry and music Don't expect the same from someone who has that attitude and has not done anything remotely different that since the 80s R&B acts have been doing, Chris Brown is just a name The only thing he has is dancing and even that is mediocre at times
  9. Politics

    this is one huge fucking mess kiii at that kink tho now the Secret Servuce knows what to expect when they delete his browser history in 4 years
  10. Celeb News

    Joe isn't as "thick" as Nick, but he has a better face Joe was always my favorite in the JoBro days poor Kevin
  11. this is the best thing I've ever watched a tea brewed scolding and deadly GET MONEY BIIIIIIITCH
  12. Charts

    The GP has no taste it's like every song that's attached to a twitter meme is on the chart for what feels like 1,000 years our faves deserve better, it's a spit in the face to people who actually have talent
  13. Politics

    No talent having covered in cheeto jubba the hut head ass coming for the queen of cinema our pres is wasting time attempting to drag more talented individuals and celebrities online ... shouldn't you be worrying about more important things like stopping Isis or are you going to flake on that too, like you did the money out of politics i'm starting to think his presidency is just going to be attacking journalists celebrities and Hollywood with not one thing getting done why as a prez do you have to attack people for thinking critically of you, let your ACTIONS AKA LEGISLATION speak for itself, all the class and mutual respect is out of the white house come the 20th
  14. Game

    10 an amazing bops the other girls could only wish of creating
  15. trash defeating trash lmao i might have to tune in to see one of these idiots get their ass beat truly this is the best thing ever, god coming thru in 2017