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  1. Game

    Before we get into the next song, here's some #cool #fun DIL stats! DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE Album Average: 6.97 Track Ranking & Averages 1. Crazy in Love Average: 9.43 Highest: 10 (Hannah., LanaxGaga, christyalmeth, Anna-wa, Russian Roulette, Nightmare, Urbanov, #1, Redporus, Berek) Lowest: 5 (GLORY) 2. Naughty Girl Average: 8.76 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, Beyoncé Knowles, Radio, Urbanov, SANDCASTLES, Luca) Lowest: 5 (Tinashe) 3. Be With You Average: 8.60 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, Urbanov, Beyoncé Knowles, SANDCASTLES, Coca-Cola) Lowest: 6 (HOEANNE) 4. Me, Myself and I Average: 8.53 Highest: 10 (Anna-wa, Lord Stoneheart, Maraj, SANDCASTLES, GLORY, King X) Lowest: 5 (fab, Berek) 5. Speechless Average: 8.46 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, SANDCASTLES, Russian Roulette, Skyline, Urbanov, Tinashe, Beyoncé Knowles) Lowest: 5 (Radio) 6. Baby Boy Average: 8.44 Highest: 10 (Berek, Warrior, Russian Roulette, Beyoncé Knowles, King X) Lowest: 7 (GLORY, Radio, Tinashe) 7. Yes Average: 8.29 Highest: 10 (Urbanov, Coca-Cola, Lord Stoneheart, Anna-wa, Beyoncé Knowles) Lowest: 4 (HOEANNE) 8. Dangerously in Love 2 Average: 7.80 Highest: 10 (SANDCASTLES, #1, Maraj) Lowest: 5.5 (Radio) 9. Signs Average: 7.00 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart) Lowest: 1 (Skyline, Anna-wa) 10. What's It Gonna Be Average: 6.86 Highest: 8 (the great helper22) Lowest: 6 (fab, Russian Roulette, Maraj, Quicksand) 11. The Closer I Get to You Average: 6.13 Highest: 9 (Sylk, Anna-wa) Lowest: 0 (SANDCASTLES) 12. That's How You Like It Average: 4.92 Highest: 7 (Beyoncé Knowles, Anna-wa, Sylk) Lowest: 2 (Lord Stoneheart, Skyline, Vilppu) 13. Gift from Virgo Average: 4.63 Highest: 7 (Coca-Cola) Lowest: 1 (Skyline) 14. Hip Hop Star Average: 4.00 Highest: 7 (Urbanov) Lowest: 0 (Radio) 15. Daddy Average: 2.71 Highest: 6.5 (Anna-wa) Lowest: 0 (Tinashe) Enjoy that useless info! Next song is coming tomorrow
  2. Game

    Dangerously in Love 2 has received an average of 7.80 and debuts at #47 CURRENT RANKING
  3. Better than 90% of Joanne
  4. we know
  5. 3 talented skinny legends btw
  6. I see one in yours as well
  7. Voted for Australian Queen of Pop Kylie Minogue, Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey, Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj and Queen of New Zealand Lorde
  8. Game

    The songs left from B'Day and IASF are either average or bad imo (except Irreplaceable and Sweet Dreams) but 4, ST and Lemonade have good songs left!
  9. DIL has high highs (MM&I, Speechless, Yes, Be With You) and very low lows (Daddy, Hip Hop Star, THYLI) It's my least favorite Bey album but the singles are really good