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  1. Not Va Va Shit being on #1 y'all have no taste
  2. 4/10 why it was even a single
  3. She lied about many things tho
  4. Catch me outside howboudat
  5. Game

  6. Game

    I dont know this song but it wasnt that bad after first listen so 6/10
  7. Game

    Enjoy my downvote!
  8. Game

    Nanana diva is a female version of a hustla 10/10
  9. This little girl who won first edition of Americas Got Talent looks good today
  10. Discussion

    Bet Superlove vs Player
  11. "Checking Grindr is like constantly opening the fridge - there is still nothing good." fall6 

  12. I love Doja Cat You forgot to post Control and Beautiful they are also fucking great
  13. ILoveMakonnen came out as a gay person. It's so good to see artists/celebrities coming out in these dark times for US. clap3 

    1. Anna-wa

      Who is that? What do they do?

  14. Discussion

    Yas queen!