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  1. Game

    Drowned World/Substitute for Love - 45 Ray of Light - 75 Skin - 70 Nothing Really Matters - 125 Sky Fits Heaven - 25 Frozen - 120 The Power of Good-Bye - 55
  2. Lana Del Rey comforting a crying fan in Paris.avi
  3. Discipline still bops tho
  4. You still watched it BNMs and BNTs heh... they never really had a value to me. I actually found a lot of tracks/albums without BNT/BNM way better than 8.0+
  5. ... yet you're still watching his videos It's only his opinion, don't take it personally. What's wrong with Pitchfork though? So many people here are calling out Pitchfork recently acting like elitists, lel. I used to check them a lot few years ago (like in 00s), but since Conde Nast took control of it - all I see are negative opinions about this portal. I understand, that they hype some shitty bands pretty often and they are panning good albums that all other "important" portals are praising based on their weird preferences, but who doesn't? The key is to find something you agree with and there are plenty of other portals, music magazines etc. I'm watching his reviews from time to time just to see his point of view on some albums and tracks, cause he has pretty impressive music knowledge and we all have to agree with that. By the way: Antony's review of Ultraviolence... His interpretation of a title for Fucked My Way Up To The Top ... Sad Girl the worst track on UV ... 2/10 Ruthless for no reason.
  6. I can totally imagine Love slaying on the radio stations all over the world - great lead single.
  7. I actually understand why he said this track was "meh" for him - he doesn't really like 4 chords songs, but anyway... what's your problem? I felt the same way about the adult contemporary thing - there is a niche in this so-called genre and Lana seems to fit in it. This era can be massive if her team get their shit together and do the promo properly.
  8. Hello gheys I just came to tell that @blankdreams. sucks
  10. I saw that @Hannah. mentioned me, I went for a ciggie... +15 pages Guys you need to stop doing crack for real Y'all too fast
  11. Game

    These extra titles were unnecessary, js