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  1. why did i know it was going to be that performance
  2. Go see her live at MSG she's gonna have milk sprinklers and a giant crib that takes up the entire stage
  3. I feel like only Dua/Zara could do well
  4. Melanie Martinez will be selling out arenas
  5. maybe that dua / zara / bebe group.... but maybe
  6. Thank god i thought her team was doing it.
  7. Apperantly there are other posible leaks.
  8. Because CTTR is gross.
  9. Single

    I can't imagine anyone dancing to that cause the beat is barely there. Good luck queen
  10. Single

    After listening to the entire song, most of it sounds more uneventful than the original. but I can see the GP eating it up.
  11. Single

    I can imagine this blowing up tbh. I feel like they released it too late though.
  12. here

    Life is so stressful cry9 I feel like throwing upcry9

  13. here

    Do y'all like? lana1

  14. 843