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  1. Are you talking about the lyrics in the snippet or the lyrics of the song in general?
  2. Other

    Can someone PM me it please? I'm just curious to see which snippet leaked
  3. SR, it's been there for quite a while
  4. Pretty sure there's a snippet of it on Instagram somewhere
  5. here

    azealia banks quoted/retweeted/followed me yesterday, wig

    1. Princess Aurora

      Is she back on Twitter ? rih1 

    2. Bambi

      9 minutes ago, Princess Aurora said:

      Is she back on Twitter ? rih1 

      she's always been on twitter with her account @AZEALIABANSKNYC, but she did get her real account back last week  

  6. Rumor

    my PMs r confidential sis muah
  7. Rumor

    didn't Eclipse tweet the duration of LIB last time
  8. Rumor

    kidding rite
  9. Taylor? Rihanna ends all our faves with ha looks
  10. Took them long enough, he's a piece of shit.
  11. Single

    tbh im not here for that slay-z repackage but i'd like that safaree song we just want FTSW
  12. Single

    Something's brewing!! No but it might be soon since they're working on an iTunes release, maybe Spotify as well
  13. I'm here for another The Weeknd collab, or a song with BORNS would be nice as well I guess.