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  1. Game

    You cannot bash the heavenly transition between Knew Trash and Forever God though
  2. Game

    a 7 for the cute YT throwback teas
  3. Game

    10 and that is that
  4. Discussion

    no, that most recent look of hers where she looked like a high class vegas hooker in a dirtyass stank hotel was her best look, period
  5. I forgot that it wasn't really a punishment for 90% of this website
  6. Get On Your Knees and anyone that disagrees can get on they knees and suck this dick
  7. Game

    9 simply for vocals, weak as a song itself though
  8. this is absolute trash what the hell are all of you talking about im glad selena didn't collab on this flopass song
  9. Game

    Love Kesha, but thank GOD.
  10. sis diplo is one part of Major Lazer
  11. This is a bop now miss me with this mass tag bullshit sis, force feeding the person you stan for down everyone's throats isn't going to do anything but get you in trouble and get everyone to hate you seriously, I love Dua but please