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  1. Music Video

    if it's her hair on the pic.. shouldn't it be blonde? or when was this taken? i don't know. i think she still has to shoot it..or a wig.. HMmmmmmmm
  2. Photos

    I was just about posting this.. OMG I LOVE THIS LOOK SO MUCH Yes, Katy is a kween with black hair, but this is so so good. Got me hyped for this era and i'm fully with it. Swedish Katy hello! YAAAAAAS
  3. it really is new single this month or february? or at least a new promo pic as if she would change her hair just for fun..looking so electrifying.. getting a bit hyped again aaaah...oh lord i think i'm falling
  4. KP4 is coming omg omg omg she looks amazing!!
  5. was wondering the same. but she also didn't sound that good while rehearsing the song..i think she needs to sing it more often and get more comfortable with songs like this, because they actually suit her voice good!
  6. Discussion

    Aurora is flawless. I respect her even if I don't agree with all..but she is just too amahzing ok bye
  7. let's hope for a Lana surprise release
  8. OH NO shouldn't it come out like this month?? 5 months?? Aaaargh... Fuck that..I'm still with her because she delivers af. But not her label pulling out a Sky Ferreira move... Germany is thirsty for her album and we love Be The One and the teens are consuming Blow Your Mind & Hotter Than Hell...damn
  9. thank you so much but honestly, i didn't think it would be so hard to sing as it took me weeks to get this right (even if there are still some parts i'd like to change again) very excited about Katy doing this one live..oh god. I hope she will perform RISE on her next tour as well
  10. listen to the beautiful studio acapella of Dark Horse Never thought there were dudes singing in the background of the second chorus (the "aaaahs") like omg, this sounds so magical and omg omg. I'm under her spell
  11. deliver so much, I am SO proud
  12. thanks a lot @fun.! I know I kinda have some pronunciation problems, gonna work on it I need to speak in english more.. or use Netflix more
  13. I did a secret Witness cover...Hope you can enjoy it
  14. so seems the KPF (KatyPerryForum)