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  1. Game

    8.5 Cute song tbh.
  2. The title was misleading. I thought Emma & Geri were with her on-stage tbh.
  3. Game

    10 one of my all time fav Xtina songs.
  4. Then it's confirmed current Oprah is a clone. No wonder she had to wrap her show.
  5. Idk Paris wasn't as big as them. I mean who even watched the Simple Life back then? Compare it to the trashy Kardashian audience. Why couldn't my mom been a fame-hungry viper like Kris Jenner?
  6. Fooling the world and getting millions for doing nothing isn't that dumb tho. When will we?
  7. Imo Chloe won that battle considering it was 2 old ass bitches that probably hire gays to tweet shade for them against a 20 year old. She won with class too.
  8. Yeah that was basic, Kim can't drag for shit tbh. I thought u meant when Khloe was dragging a pic that she thought was Chloe at the beach where Chloe's ass was showing. And the kii was that it wasn't Chloe's pic. She had a blue bikini bottom not a red one. Basically making Khloe look like the dumb bitch that she is.
  9. Wasn't it Khloe that was trying to drag her? Also btw it turned out that it wasn't actually Chloe Moretz's body in the pic.