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  1. Game

    7 Cute song but loses points due to Xtina comparing it to 'Legendary Me 4 Me', which it sounds nothing like.
  2. Game

    10 I thought we did this one already, no?
  3. 4:07 "I'll rip them fuckin' implants out of her ass" rip4 

    4:44 "How do u go from a body that looks like a fuckin' paper clip and now u look like an hourglass?"


    1. Kali

      I feel kinda bad cuz the host is just setting her up to fail in the industry by talking shit about everyone rip4

      Apparently she's only 13 rip3

  4. Game

    Everyone is a damn mess for this. No excuses. Yall have NO TASTE in music.
  5. A masterpiece


  6. Game

    0 Not even exaggerating. This is the only Xtina song I'd give a 0 tbh. The song is not bad, the melody is not shitty, the recording and her vocals and delivery in the chorus ARE THE MESS.
  7. Game

    8.5 Cute song tbh.