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  1. Always loved this, brings back memories. alex1


  2. Slay us all!
  3. BarnGa was going to entertain! Esp if she had the budget to get cows onstage! And speaking of cows, Mariah could've been her guest collab and redeemed herself from her messy New Year's performance.
  4. Game

    I'll let yall know when I hear it next year.
  5. 1. Christina Aguilera - Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj) 2. Ariana Grande - Side to Side (feat. Nicki Minaj) 3. Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj) 4. Beyoncé - Flawless (feat. Nicki Minaj) 5. Rihanna - Fly (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  6. Omg it's fake? I actually got excited for the SB for a second.
  7. Listen, sis, you're doing way too much. YES THE WEST DOESN'T CARE IF PEOPLE IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES DIE. Having a trending topic for a few hours because people are talking about it =/= the western media giving a fuck. Tomorrow this story will be buried and forgotten like the million of other stories of people suffering/dying and they'll be back to talking about Kim K's suffering in Paris 3 months ago.
  8. Madge in 2017


    1. Lord Stoneheart

      tHE BALLOON lmfao2

      the words in her scrabble board lmfao1 

  9. Broke & Sick | 14/01/2017

    Broke & Sick 14, Jan, 2017 I woke up sicker than yesterday. Headache, fever, sore throat, sweating… well the sweating was intentional; actually it’s more of a substitute for medicine at times. There were times I was completely broke and couldn’t get anything to heal my aching body, let alone get a doctor’s appointment, so dressing up with multi-layers of clothes, a jacket, socks, and a beanie to get as much sweat out from my weak body to attempt to get my temperature down seemed like the best medicine available. I called my boyfriend with a barely-existing voice letting him know my condition. He then told me that he wasn’t far from my apartment with his work, a flexible job with multiple locations and clients, and told me that he’s stopping by to see if I needed something. I told him “fine” and waited for him in my little faux fur coat while I caught up with the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother. I often thought about dark thoughts in the last couple days, which are always right under the surface but love to pop out like pimples whenever I’m suffering from an illness. It’s easy for me to go back to that place of fear of tomorrow. The thing that I dread most when I’m sick is facing or dealing with myself. I judge myself and my actions 20 times over and the mere thought of death or the afterlife makes me curl up and breakdown in tears. It’s so easy when I’m sick and alone in a room with nobody to check on me, and at times I couldn’t even get up to go to the hospital. This time it was less dramatic, it’s less of an illness but who knows? It could be the calm before the storm. My boyfriend knocks and I open the door in my little jacket. He checks up on me a bit then he tells me about his fist fight from the previous night. I was like “No, you didn’t punch a guy!” Sadly the guy deserved it and I had previously warned him about what some clients will end up doing to get out of paying you for a job on their house and that he should get the money upfront. Obviously nobody listened to me, and when does anyone ever listen to me? Apparently he knocked out that client’s front tooth out! The strange part that didn’t make any sense is that the clients’ older brother came in on them and said that his brother deserved the punches and that he should’ve paid the work’s worth like any normal law abiding person would, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t make official contracts and live in a place that doesn’t respect the law for the most part. I was looking at his hand and saw a clear bump on his right wrist and to which he told me that’s the part that hit the guy’s tooth. He asked me if I went to the doctor, and I told him that I need to feel it out more to see if it’s going to continue and if more symptoms will show up. He said that he’ll give me a back massage, and boy did I need one because my back felt sore as hell. I lied on my mattress, which I’ve laid on the floor today to get closer to the electric heater, with my orange jacket. He caressed my back before massaging it. He showed me sketches relating to his work and I asked about them while he cracked my aching back. I asked him to then stand on my back because it felt like that was the only way I could properly crack it. He then started to softly touch my back and neck, he knows exactly how I like it done, while I thought about my situation. I barely have food left in the fridge/cupboard and my car needs an oil change. The last thing I’d want to happen is for my engine to die out due to no oil being there like last year, a mega mess, so the oil thing was weighing heavily on my mind. My boyfriend knew my struggles in general but not the specific recent ones. He asked and I was honest, and he gave me money to see the doctor – which I didn’t do yet – and attempted to clean the garbage dump that I call my room, to which I objected to. “I’ll do it when I’m better” I said. “No you won’t” he replied. “I know.” I said back. It is what it is, I’m just a broke sick pig with a back ache and a sore throat so I might as well just own up to it. Plus who has time to clean, we can do that when we’re dead….. or not I guess! The touching and caressing went downwards as I lied on my stomach and his hand went to my rear. He touched it softly and it calmed me a bit and for a moment I forgot I was ill. I kept turning my face away from him, I never want to be looked at when I’m sick especially that I’m self-conscious and insecure in general, can you imagine me having to be seen at while sick?! That was another thing, in previous relationships I hardly ever let my boyfriends, or anyone for that matter, see me sick. My co-workers get a pass because I’m usually forced to work while being sick, and at a certain time I was sick for three weeks and didn’t miss a day of work. His hand started grabbing my junk from beneath and I realized that he was in the mood, but didn’t want to make me feel like I have to do anything, because I was sick. So he kept rubbing it and sending chills down my spine, and then touched my butthole softy. I then grabbed his dick and he knew that I was up for it. So he lied on top of me and stuck it inside and it was nice and warm. He hugged me when he was done and we stayed there for a bit before he got up to leave. I told him to learn from his experience with that client and to never trust them in the future, to which I’m sure he won’t remember to do. I sat for the rest of the time looking at texts from some unwanted family members doing the most as usual. I started thinking of the past, the good times, and I hate when that damn montage appears in my head, cos it’s when I start comparing the past with the present. I started thinking of a certain time when my family and I were going to Disney Land for the first time and life was much simpler. My mother had her long black Pocahontas hair while my chubby dad took pictures of everything and everyone in sight, way long before smartphones and before it became cool, your typical tourists. My mom kept so many albums of those pictures that we used to look at from time to time, which cemented the idea that yes, that was a magical time and it’s over now. I often think about whether or not it’s easier for people who feel somewhat depressed to have known happiness early on in their life or if not experiencing happiness ever is easier for them because they don’t have anything to compare their present with. Maybe I’ll learn the answer to that in time…
  10. Brandy is def a legend in the RnB world, also a legend in terms of vocal influence on upcoming RnB vocalists. Surely pop fans are not checking for her nor would call her that, but there's more to the world than just pop fans and YOU. Monica is an icon and her music is considered classic RnB.
  11. I'm bookmarking this page cos I don't have time to watch movies these days but when I have time I'll check some of them out. I'm actually really behind on gay movies, to the point that I still haven't even seen Brokeback Mountain yet.
  12. Sis that's a whole can of worms. I might share some stuff in the future, but yeah not looking forward to that tbh.
  13. Idk sometimes I feel like a good title for my autobiography would be 'Is Nostalgia A Curse?'. I mean
  14. Mess. Fixed.