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  1. Game

    8.5 Cute song tbh.
  2. The title was misleading. I thought Emma & Geri were with her on-stage tbh.
  3. Game

    10 one of my all time fav Xtina songs.
  4. Then it's confirmed current Oprah is a clone. No wonder she had to wrap her show.
  5. Idk Paris wasn't as big as them. I mean who even watched the Simple Life back then? Compare it to the trashy Kardashian audience. Why couldn't my mom been a fame-hungry viper like Kris Jenner?
  6. Fooling the world and getting millions for doing nothing isn't that dumb tho. When will we?
  7. Imo Chloe won that battle considering it was 2 old ass bitches that probably hire gays to tweet shade for them against a 20 year old. She won with class too.
  8. Yeah that was basic, Kim can't drag for shit tbh. I thought u meant when Khloe was dragging a pic that she thought was Chloe at the beach where Chloe's ass was showing. And the kii was that it wasn't Chloe's pic. She had a blue bikini bottom not a red one. Basically making Khloe look like the dumb bitch that she is.
  9. Wasn't it Khloe that was trying to drag her? Also btw it turned out that it wasn't actually Chloe Moretz's body in the pic.
  10. Game

    7.5 I used to love KGB and it was in my top 20 Xtina songs for like 6 years, but yeah, it's just okay now.
  11. Game

    It would've been higher had I known about it and voted cos I would've given a 10.
  12. Beyonce is also white on the outside, black on the inside. Dolezal hew?
  13. Rachel Dolezal teas.
  14. This left a bad taste in my mouth and it's sad, but it's life and how things are. We need 2 be more aware...


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    2. Kali


      Tbh it's something I wonder about especially meeting so many wonderful people on this site. I just want everyone to stay safe you know? And I thought me asking would be a bit inappropriate on that blog entry bc it seemed very recent and like you were in a sad place at the time. So yes lol this status seemed a suitable place to have a discussion though I'd previously wanted to ask giveup1


      As a woman for many of us its ingrained at a young age what situations are best to avoid being assaulted, or how to minimize those occurrances with discernment (as best as one can). But I think of the young gay/bi men just starting to date and how there's a good chance they wouldn't have had those conversations, even though abuse between men certainly exists but isn't necessarily talked about, at least not in the same capacity of hetero relationships. But it should be!


      'Hot young troublemakers' fall6 do you like the bad boys sis orly1 

      Sorry you had so many bad experiences katyanna1 It makes sense why you'd feel more comfortable meeting someone on your own grounds/terms. I think you must have nerves of steel to stay open minded about meeting people. Do you tell your friends your plans when you meet someone new? That's something I always do, or tell them where I'm going and what time I'll be home and if they don't hear from me they'll text me if I'm alright. That would be a standard thing in my case. But I've heard of some girls texting their mom a picture of their dates license plate rip3 but I dont judge it's whatever makes people comfortable right.

    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      Do you tell your friends.......

      I'll let u know when I get any. laughcry1 


      Certainly I feel safer in my own home cos for some reason they're less likely to do something cos they don't know who's actually living here or anything even though I tell them I live alone. (Maybe I should start to lie and say that my roommate is out of town, it might make them think twice before coming back to do something like stalk me idk).



      'Hot young troublemakers' fall6 do you like the bad boys sis  orly1 

      Not really. I run away from trouble cos I've had it almost all my life. I think people who are attracted to bad boys mostly have had a vanilla life and want some flavor. rip4  It's just for me, I've found some hot guys that turned out to be troublemakers. One of them actually came into my apartment while smoking weed. chi1 Another one threatened to beat me up when I told him "I'm uncomfortable can u please leave?" ari1 But in the grand scheme of things those are small instances, I've had way worse things done to me outside of my room. 

    4. Kali


       (Maybe I should start to lie and say that my roommate is out of town, it might make them think twice before coming back to do something like stalk me idk).


      It's probably not a bad idea if you've never met them before. Just to keep them wondering and to discourage the type that would try something. 


      And as for friends I wouldn't say thats entirely true. If you trust someone implicitly online/ fotp that's something you could consider sharing with them or vice versa. From a safety perspective it could work. Just throwing that out there lol


       I think people who are attracted to bad boys mostly have had a vanilla life and want some flavor. rip4 

      Lol that's definitely one type of person that seeks that lifestyle. Some people don't realize they gravitate to certain people and situations bc it's all they know and it's been normalized for them. Some people are just too nice and get themselves in trouble trying to save people :(


      Thanks for having this discussion. If it was too prying, I'm sorry. There's a gender (and of course cultural) element I'll never experience myself, so I was curious if there were similarities we'd have in common.