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  1. Charts

    That's tragic She needs to focus the song and comeback with something else.
  2. Well... I'm not really surprised. I knew Gaga's comeback wouldn't have been a "big thing"... Itunes receipts are (nearly) ok but her streaming power is very low Now I don't know how she can turn PI into a hit 'cause it doesn't have it Maybe it will be slowly scrapped for another song soon?
  3. Discussion

    I think this is not a great lead single choice. That's short, there's no chorus... Yet the music is good but the all thing doesn't give a good "mixture". I'm so surprise the team she took actually gave this.
  4. I hate the song but i have to admit she brings something strong. Too bad cause she acts like Xtina here : too loud and not melodious.
  5. I wasn't expecting this... Bitch snatched my skull I thought she would have released a safe song like a rehashed Lush Life... But no!!! It's new, her flow is flawless, she has sass... This needs to smash!
  6. Cause it wasn't quite catchy. It's anthemesque but Idk... It misses something.
  7. Like I said : pretty good. Not 100% slain but some tracks overshadow everything she has done those past years.
  8. Discussion

    I've heard the album and just like what I expected : I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I think her voice sounds really weird on a good number of tracks ("Invitation", "Private Show"...) and i feel like a lack of i don't know why... But on the other hand, some tracks are WAY BETTER than everything she has done since 2008. unlike her last three albums, Glory SCREAMS Britney. My favorites track are Clumsy, DWCO, Just Like Me, Just Luv Me, Liar (old schoolney ) Hard To Forget Ya and Love Me Down. Maybe she rest will grow on me.
  9. Discussion

    In my opinion it's "Best Mistake" Fans generally say it's a real great slow jam but... I think it's boring and B(or)I(n)G Sean ruins the song
  10. OMG "Into You" is kinda a hit song in UK It sounds really Euro à la Kylie so I'm not really surprised, UK taste >>>>>>> Now let's see if the urban-pop remix of the song helps it but I'm not convinced... Plus the song absolutely didn't need to be remixed
  11. I'm sure she will (and she always planned to) Arianators LOVE that song... Plus it's the kind of dance song you can't miss on tour
  12. You guys need to check this remix The break takes me to God. Only True Bible
  13. I'm disappointed, this is the first lead single by Britney that doesn't really thrill me. Tho I'm still so hyped for the album Hope Billboard is wrong and it's coming REALLY soon
  14. She said the song was written some years ago... So yes i could be from PRISM sessions. Anyway I so moved by that song : Katy is really good at making strong anthem... And I needed a song like this lately. I'm buying this on Itunes.
  15. OMG this is the slayage "Make Me" haven't made me... Nothing special : classic production... But this melody is so powerful and catchy A great appetizer before KP4. No one's wig is safe.