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  1. The Everyday video tho brit2

  2. Game

    Hello vs Sweet Dreams
  3. Record Sales Albums Whitney Houston-25.000.000 Whitney-20.000.000 Im Your Baby Tonight-12.000.000 The Bodyguard O.S.T-45.000.000 The Preacher's Wife O.S.T-6.000.000 My Love is Your Love-11.500.000 Whitney: The Greatest Hits-13.000.000 Just Whitney...-2.000.000 One Wish:The Holiday Album-565.000 The Ultimate Collection-2.500.000 I Look to You-3.000.000 Other releases:~3 million Album Sales: 143.5 million
  4. i was expecting another top 20 single. it isnt fair how other artist can get a hit single like that but Adele cant. its really frustarting
  5. Well, what you said is true, esp. about the stage presence part. but im surprised; isnt her biggest talent singing? how come she aint doing it?
  6. Game

  7. Why isnt WUTB rising?
  8. Game

  9. Game

  10. Game

  11. Game

  12. Album

    Disappear is a half/half for me. I like it, but i skip it the majority of the time it comes on when i play the album.
  13. Album

    Diva was a bop(that didnt make sense), Sweet Dreams however was like, one of the best songs off the album in general.