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  1. I became a sugar babe
  2. Photos

    Katy girl... Her raven black hair is too iconic, i don't know if i can get used to it
  3. Madonna > JB > Beyonce
  4. Discussion

    Better than most of her DW era looks? yes
  5. Really thinking about leaving social media and forums for a while, i need to think about certain points of my life and take care of myself. But i don't know


    1. delete it fat

      i deactivated my facebook a week ago :D and tbh i feel better without it 

    2. Sylk

      You can take a break, it's fine. Nothing's going anywhere. You should always put yourself first in these things. Good luck btw. xoxo

    3. Tiny Little Bows

      I have to do this every once in a's one of the best decisions you'll ever make. hug1

  6. Game

    Intro gets a cute 7
  7. The Bang Bang hate Y'all don't have respect for grammy nominated smash singles
  8. They're really trying to make her happen in the US, watch it being a WFH rip-off
  9. I already saw four 'We were staying in Paris to get away from your parents' instagram captions


    1. Lord Stoneheart

      god has forsaken us

    2. Luke Louder Michele

      LOVE IT. lemme do this. Promo for single of 2017

  10. And she's still snubbing T O U C H I T?
  11. Celeb News

    No. She's a pretentious teen who never really cared for the group and only used it so eventually (now) could launch her own solo career, even if she isn't established/interesting enough
  12. Discussion

    The only correct answer is...