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  1. Taylor is the one who acts like a bitch, she's a snake too... Regina George in sheeps clothing much? She's also a slut who fucks everyone. Katy is genuine.
  2. Rihanna isn't forgotten, get educated
  3. Christina Aguilera for definite. A tragedy
  4. What the hell are you talking about?
  5. Photos

    omg she could do SO much better
  6. Britney: Britney Jean N/A N/A
  7. Discussion

    If Slumber Party got the same promo push (awards show performances and all that shit) that Make Me did then we'd have had another top 20 and more than likely a top 10. Her team are so old school and dumb as fuck
  8. She was inspired by Britney clearly. Queen thanks for paying tribute to the undisputed Princess of Pop Let me tweet ha
  9. It's not groundbreaking, Adele's 25, which sweeped the Grammy's and sold more in UK alone than Lemonade did WW is groundbreaking
  10. Rhythm Nation was much more ground breaking than Lemonade is now.
  11. Blackout > ITZ > Circus > Britney > Oops