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  1. VOCALS: Dying cat WRITTING SKILLS: Dyslexic brute PERFORMANCE ENERGY: Whitney Houston 2017 ATTITUDE: Donald Trump PERSONALITY: Norman Bates SHOCK FACTOR: Pig in a wig ORIGINALITY: 0 SONGS: Flops QUALITY OF WORK: Shit smeared on a canvas FASHION: Mutton dressed as lamb
  2. I mean try and deny it all you want but fact is majority of people would say he's hot, so he is
  3. You stole that picture, stop pretending it's you... I saw it on tumblr months ago. Nice try though.
  4. No it's not
  5. This is absolutely true. James is disgusting he used her for money, fame and power. She has more than him, his money is all tied up he doesn't have access to it like Mariah.
  6. The Weeknd vs Alicia Keys
  7. Maybe if Janet died people would care about or even remember her music, Aaliyah is more remembered, thought about, and used more for music than Janet and she's dead, so.
  8. Some celebrities lie about who they vote for, Madonna was public about ''supporting Hilary'' only for money, she voted for Donald Trump.
  9. He's repulsive
  10. They're freaks
  11. It shouldn't have even made the album nevermind be considered for a single my god
  12. The absolute meltdowns this would cause
  13. Consideration but it's too short
  14. Lady Gaga's dad is homophobic as is her whole family, you do realise she pretends to be for LGBT rights, don't you? She was brought up in a RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC household and she remains both of these things to this day. As much as I drag Madonna I think her care and support of gays is GENUINE unlike STEPHANNIE.