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  1. Perfect Illusion has a message? That's a new one
  2. I would put Godnography in the Standard Edition
  3. Did you already finished the season?
  4. Review

    What do you think about the underrated bop Schoolin Life?
  5. Discussion

    Original but both are amazing
  6. Game

    Why I didn't knew about this cover? This kind of slays, an 8
  7. She also has an unreleased song called Paradise
  8. It still hasn't grown on me I do would be here for her pulling a "Love" and cutting it to "American" though
  9. Oh yeah I was lurking in a previous voting thread but now I'm seeing it was two months joined But I like anyways so it's fine
  10. Pretty sure that the two emotes with the most votes get added so we still have a chance