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  1. here

    i was wearing an aaliyah shirt today in class and somebody came up to me after and asked me if i was going to the ariana grande concert because they saw my "ariana" shirt dead7

    1. Hermione

      Kids these days rip2

    2. ajp

      Lame pick-up line wendy1


  2. Album

    no fantasea is her best
  3. here

    rude bitch all day uptown broadway jay1

  4. yes! some girls need their coins
  5. ill give it a day before she drops the shether kunt remix
  6. idc what she does im just in it for the drama
  7. Single

    fat ass kelly price has the tea
  8. sadly no just snippets leaked
  9. just the donald trump witchcraft thing
  10. here


    im perchedt for this sex tape!

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    2. Fantasea

      @ajp it only turned out they were touring together or something dead7

    3. ajp

      A tour together moo3


    4. Coca-Cola

      sex tape please cry6