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  1. Excited for this, such an interesting person <3
  2. I have no doubt in my mind that Selena would have been a star if she didn't die such a tragic death. She was just crossing over into the USA Mainstream market, and there I think she could have achieved great success as she was very talented and had good management. Not only was she special to a lot of people (especially latino people), she was a real Texas sweetheart, would have done anything for her fans and would certainly have appealed to the US market.
  3. Madonna and Bey's both go off But Madonna
  4. Discussion

    You got it the wrong way around honey - Demi Lovato, 2016
  5. I'd wanna get the full experience. Chill with her and the rest of the girlies (Selena, Lorde, Gigi etc.), eat snacks, play with her cats, gossip, have some drinks, watch movies, take selfies with the polaroid filter etc. I would ask a lot of questions too, but nothing too intrusive. The whole business/production side of the music industry seems very interesting to me and this is what makes a lot of difference when played right.
  6. In all fairness this is a sign of success for DJs, Calvin Harris and Tiesto have one and it's earning thousands every night
  7. 2010-2013 isn't decade defining, especially when you see girls who have hits almost every single year.
  8. In terms of albums, singles, touring, and awards
  9. This is tragic, may they rest in peace They need to stop the boats... they are NOT safe.
  10. I get you but a good voice isn't a guarantee for success as it's just one part of the pop star formula. I mean Tori Kelly is a great vocalist and her sales are the pits, why does Demi deserve better?
  11. The poll results
  12. No. Actually. Her voice is decent but her music other than a few songs is just... not good
  13. Taylor - Mom likes her music but doesn't care for her. Dad doesn't care for her either but admits 1989 was good. Madonna - They're fans and have respect for the Queen of pop. Both love 90s Madonna and Confessions era. Love. Gaga - Both loved her in 2009/10 but don't care for her now. Britney - My mom said that BOMT is one of the best pop songs of all time. My dad doesn't care. Kesha - They know all about the #FreeKesha thing and think she has some good catchy songs, but that's about it. Selena - Don't know her from anything other than Disney Channel and a few songs they can't put her name to. Rihanna - Mom thinks she's ok. Dad doesn't like her. Carly - Who?
  14. Girl... I'm HOPING you're trolling
  15. Game

    This is cute, but 6.