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  1. CTTR reaches #4 and she's a queen, but Applause does and Gaga is a flop?
  2. Rihanna. But Taylor's street clothes are cute.
  3. It could be much worse. Remember that.
  4. Yes
  5. the poll results
  6. I thought this was gonna be Katy at 2010 AMAs
  7. Love Story is 8x platinum YBWM x7 platinum IKYWT x6 platinum TS1 also debuted with 45,000 at #19 and peaked at #5 in January 2008 with 185,000 copies in 1 week. R.I.P album sales
  8. Single

    I wasn't expecting to care for it, but OMG, she really did that. I totally got what she was going for. This may be my favourite lead single by her along with West Coast.
  9. Yeah, I have all of her albums on my phone which I listen to regularly. I listen to the physical CDs in the car more often though.
  10. Discussion

    After 2010, Katy, Taylor, Rihanna?
  11. Discussion

    Hasley, Dua Lipa and Zara will be the Gaga/Katy/Taylor of the next generation