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  3. Not if we don't get caught. On_The_Run.mp3 Bonnie_And_Clyde_03.mp3
  4. I searched for them again (because I saw them 2 weeks ago) and Jay was adopted. But Rihanna was still there: She's actually really pretty and has Rihanna's eyes.
  5. Girl, I seriously ain't kidding you when I tell you that I found 2 dogs up for adoption whose names were Jay and Rihanna.
  6. The wig is really floating. Proof Beyoncé is the last airbender.
  7. Bitch looking like Cupcakke with no budget.
  8. Girl, do not me. You know Jay could get it on a good day.
  9. I thought you meant the designer lmao Yeah, I kinda love that song. Live is incredible tho
  10. I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to do him.
  11. I expect your DM by midnight. Like Cinderella.
  12. Girl, I actually know Becky's identity. You want to know? CHECK MY LEMONADE REVIEW
  13. Who is that?
  14. In my mind Beyoncé has trios with Jay and him. She dominates them ofc.
  15. Well, then I'll have to kill your ass and ask you again. When my gifs are too big they turn ugly af (i.e my signature).