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  1. This is awful. How lacking in compassion do you have to be to get pleasure out of something this cruel?
  2. here

    Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and dance-pop diva Erika Jayne now has an artist thread!

    Image result for i'm gonna give the gays everything they want gif


  3. I usually can't stand any of the Real Housewives, but there's just something about her that I love. She doesn't give a shit and she's just here to have fun and be iconic, I can't hate her. She's 44, looks amazing, has a sugar daddy, is getting money, and living her dreams while we're all rotting on a pop forum.
  4. I just checked and was shocked that the disco sensation turned Real Housewife didn't have a thread yet! Here are some of her greatest hits. Bop away!
  5. Other

    I love this song This album picks me up and takes me to a whole different world, it's so trippy.
  6. Other

    I'm a huge fan of early Bjork! I haven't ventured beyond her first three albums yet, but I definitely plan on it.
  7. I don't think I was ever given an actor on this show! I am played by Lucien Laviscount in Scream Queens so Sylk had better cast me as a cutie to keep up the streak
  8. I'm more perched for who will be in this than the killer tbh
  9. here

    I love Brie Larson

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    2. Anna-wa

      Who is she and what did she do?

    3. Hermione

      She won the Oscar for Best Actress last year for her performance in "Room," which is one of my favorite books and movies and her character is a sexual assault survivor in it. She had to present the award for Best Actor to Casey Affleck, who has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times, at both the Oscars last night AND the Golden Globes a little while ago. After reading his name she didn't clap at all and she just scowled. Her career is about to blow up even more since she's going to be in Kong: Skull Island and Captain Marvel. cry6

  10. for space Gaga. Cosmic Rae Jetson is coming!
  11. They're completely hideous.
  12. @Lord Stoneheart spilling tea. What's new?
  13. Bitch I RAN to Oh No They Didn't after hearing the news