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    She'll always be 23-24 in my eyes. Happy birthday tho!
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    BoomKack was the one.
  3. She's bigger than Janet, no shade.
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    I learn about this stuff more from her than from anywhere else.
  5. I cackled.
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    They basically support the same system their father does so imo, they deserve all the backlash.
  7. I love when The Gays™ fight about chart positions.
  8. Tru
  9. The GP doesn't think so...
  10. Her ARTP*P era is coming.
  11. The only thing she ever said that I agree with.
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    She's so extra and I live for this.
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    This is totally unexpected. I'm so happy for them. Can't wait to hear them on ha new album.
  14. Queen of bops & bad album titles.
  15. Does Beyoncé even know social media exists?
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    That was me as soon as I saw it:
  17. Schatar.
  18. Didn't know she worked with SOPHIE.
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    Sex With Me since it already went platinum.