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  1. here


    by Moebius.

  2. here



    1. Vertigo-go

      Why is there a close-up on the toilet sign in the end fall8


  3. here

    Got an assignment at my uni to do 30 visual icons, and the theme is 'Songs' (which was my idea, btw). jj1 I can't wait to see how 30 Kate Bush tracks will visually manifest into abstract images and symbols within my work. jj2 kesha1

  4. here

    two music videos being put on vevo at the same moment, but only one of 'em actually being stellar as fuck jj3 


  5. here

    recommend me some places to (not) visit in Düsseldorf.

  6. here

    The MV for John Wayne is absolutely nonsensical. jj3 I like it. jj2

  7. Photos

    She looks like a mix between Shakira and Mariah in this pic
  8. Photos

  9. here

    Last night I had a dream that the sea levels have significantly risen, to a point where the whole Sahara desert turned into a giant lake. Today is a weird day.

  10. Single

    thank-you the track is alright
  11. Single

    Not available in my country.
  12. Expecting something high-tech and non-tacky from Gaga is a bit of a... reach at this point in her career