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  1. i'm only excited cause she has tagged hannah lux davis in that, y'all can chill
  2. Discussion

    Touch It, Sometimes & TBY
  3. June 2nd: Ariana does a private concert for Manos' birthday and everyone gets snatched
  4. Game

    my hoe anthem 10
  5. Discussion

    side to side is dying btw so it won't overshadow it, people are bored of it, it's been 4 months
  6. Discussion

    not confirmed yet. I think it's gonna be released by the time the tour is taking part, maybe at the start of the tour (Feb 2nd). We'll see
  7. she looks hot i'm out of words, i actually like the ponytail for once i'm .......
  8. Game

    8.5, cute song but right there is better
  9. not really feeling this, i expected it better the music is WAY too loud you can barely hear Ariola & WHY DID THE REMOVE THE HIGH FALSETTOS FROM THE END????????????? This remix is cancelled, i'm still gonna listen to the og
  10. Game

    y'all don't be so rude to the Solo Top 10, Grammy Nominated and the only #1 at the iTunes of the era! 10 for me, iconic song, deserved better music video, but still
  11. Discussion

    She Got Her Own sounds cheap and trashy
  12. Discussion

    she can keep these "songs" The only ones that I like are "My Way" & "In Your Hands", the rest are