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  1. Game

  2. Game

    I think I just want to do her studio albums for this, just for the sake of simplicity.
  3. Go participate if interested!

  4. Game

    Hey! I'm doing a Megarate of Marina's THREE STUDIO ALBUMS. Here are the track listings we will be using: How to submit: Send me a private message with the subject as "Marina Megarate". PLEASE REPLACE THE SONG TITLES WITH A NUMBER AND DO NOT LEAVE SPACES (I am using a spreadsheet and the data must be imported this way). Example (for FROOT) FROOT:11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 (Please use this format!! lol) (not my actual scores, just an example) What I will report: Average rating per song Rules: You may rate one song per album as an 11 and one song per album as zero. Please don't leave comments. If it looks clearly like you are trolling, I will NOT count the data. Deadline: TBD Have fun! I have already made my scores and I will include them.
  5. Also I think I'm going to do a Marina mega rate (just songs from her studio albums) jj2 

  6. I might make a guide on getting cheap used CDs/vinyl/(cassettes?) from artists people on this site like, would that be interesting or no? (Madonna, Gaga, Björk, ect)


  7. Game

  8. Facts! Scalding tea!!
  9. Game

  10. Game

  11. Game

    Marina: TFJ = FROOT >>>>>>>>>>> Electra Heart Grimes: Art Angels > Visions > Halfaxa > Geidi Primes Björk (omg this was so hard ) : Homogenic > Vulnicura > Vespertine > Medúlla > Post > Debut > Biophilia > Volta > Drawing Restraint 9 Halsey: Lily Allen: Alright, Still > INMIY > Sheezus Gaga (I'm about to get hate ) TFM > ARTPOP > TF > Joanne > BTW Sia: I'm going to be honest, I haven't listened to all of her old material quite yet. But i like 1000FOF and TIA equally. Robyn: SELF TITLED > the rest of her discography ok now for not on my badge list Princess Chelsea: The Great Cybernetic Depression > Lil' Golden Book > Aftertouch Fiona Apple: The Idler Wheel > Tidal > When The Pawn > Extraordinary Machine Lana Del Rey: BTD > Honeymoon > Ultraviolence
  12. Game

  13. i wonder if i see you by the xx will outsell joanne eve1