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    I really thought that the Everyday music video would have a really dark mood to it. Deep blacks and dark reds. Fast cars (like that one director said he wanted to do to try to get a snatch at fame) and white lights. However, I see NO resemblance to the promotional video on Instagram. Do you think that has to do with the color scheme of the video? Pinks and freaking yellows? Also, do you think a laundry mat will be in the video? What are your expectations for it? DISCUSS HUNTIES
  2. I sent mine yesterday 😄
  3. Heathens. Twenty One Pilots. (Most) of their fans are so freaking annoying and scream at you if you don't agree with every thing they say.
  4. This is random and unrelated but Y'ALL I GOT MY ACT SCORES BACK AND I MADE A 34 IM SO HAPPY now if only I could find a dang major im interested in
  5. Ha Ari's our sad lives impact.
  6. Well un idk ha
  7. From the legendary "Freak." One of my favorite songs of hers TBH.
  8. Love how everyone loves Ariana Grande's section because everyone is thirsty for upvotes. Such a legend.
  9. Ha time for my evil FOTP era brb gotta make some dupes.
  10. What seriously. Poor @Hannah. is about to go down 4,000 rep votes and not even know it. Kii.
  11. Confession time. I'm absolutely terrified of accidentally down-voting somebody and them seeing the notification before I can fix my error by upvoting. Who knows, my FOTP career could already be ruined.
  12. I feel like at this point in her career Taylor has been so clean and mature that seeing her being risque is uncomfortable for some. Not saying she should not go that route, but I just don't know how that would play into her image. At the same time it might be a good step because I almost see her as a soccer mom haha (no hate I love me some T-swizzle)/
  13. Just kidding I don't know you but I bet you're nice I'm just here for the kiis time to upvote everyone ❤️
  14. We'd hoped.
  15. Discussion

    Hahaha I'm crying I have too much time on my hands but I hope everyone realizes that it's all for kiis.