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  1. Album

    also i love that pic. I hope its the single cover
  2. Album

    SHES COMING OMG now she just needs to post the teasers
  3. Discussion

  4. Discussion

    this is real it's actually happening
  5. Discussion

    wonder if she'll release a teaser today
  6. Rumor

    she usually performs the lead at some award show. So it really isnt that far fetched to believe she's planning on doing it again. The only thing I'm kinda wary of is the fact that it was reported by the Sun
  7. Rumor

    I actually believe this. I've kinda been suspecting that she's got something coming. And with all these rumors I just feel like it isnt a coincidence. She's also been hiding away lately so maybe she's getting everything ready for the lead
  8. She NEEDS to being back the green. I would also accept pale pink
  9. Honestly as long as her hair doesn't stay orange I'll be happy
  10. I don't really see her doing red tbh but who knows! I'd love for her to do green again or a light shade of pink
  11. I always thought it was red
  12. Other

    I'm not sure if there's a thread on this already (if there is I apologize and I'll delete it) but what color do you guys think Katy's gonna dye her hair? I personally think either pink or green
  13. Rumor

    ah i forgot about that! It's definitely possible then
  14. Rumor

    oh nevermind