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  1. If by troll you mean the multi-billion dollar line of successful Dolls with brightly colored hair and jeweled navels, then yes, sweaty. I am a troll. XX Posted from my iPhone using the FOTP app
  2. Hello and this is my thread. Britney is a naturally blonde legend and Glory is the best pop album released since Heidi Montag trleased Superficial. all the other pop girls are striving to get where she is at meanwhile Britney is doing nothing but globbing on Sam AsGhalib's big fat turkish, persian, or middle eastern dong. she is an inspiration to NATURAL blondes everywhere and I am proud to say she inspired me to be who I am today. Long live the QUEEN of music.
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    Amazing...she's almost prettier than me
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    Sorry floor choreo shits on all btw
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    She just seemed to be revitalizing her image. Like you said, she's a perfectionist. I'm sure the cobwebs in her pussy were wearing her out.
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    Joe was always the hottest JoBro.
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    Amazing, gorgeous, talented, beautiful, baby daddy. He can dog me down anytime he likes