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  1. Discussion

    I hate Spinning Around I love the Christmas era
  2. Game

    Can you stop taggin me please? I don't know any song from her... Thanks!
  3. Discussion

    It's between All The Lovers, Slow, Confide In Me and Too Far for me can't decide Edit: voted for Confide In Me
  4. 10 One of the best songs of all time!
  5. Event

    They are both in my top 10 Rihanna songs! Always Pour It Up comes on I pretend being a stripper/pole dancer and start dancing
  6. She has a song with Calvin Harris I really enjoyed, but can't remember the name right now
  7. Discussion

    This is a difficult question for me! This album is very special for me! My favorites are Drowned World, Ray Of Light, The Power Of Goodbye, Mer Girl and Sky Fits Heaven but I voted for Frozen
  8. Discussion

    KM94 I'm one month older than one of my favorite Kylie songs: Confide In Me