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  1. Discussion

    Both eww tbh
  2. You didn't miss anything tbh It wasn't big deal at the time.
  3. I love Cold. It's much better than DWK. Video is great too. Anyway I'm a big M5 fan, i don't care about this recent hate bandwagon. My favorite album is Songs About Jane, it's one of my favorite albums ever. Let me rank singles: This Love Harder to Breathe Makes Me Wonder Wake Up Call Misery Won't Go Home Without You Give a Little More Animals Maps Sunday Morning She Will Be Loved Moves Like Jagger One More Night Payphone If I Never See Your Face Again Never Gonna Leave This Bed Must Get Out Cold This Summer Sugar Don't Wanna Know Love Somebody Daylight
  4. Game

  5. I kinda feel the same, it's hard to imagine now in 2017 how massive she was even in HC days, she had massive hit, massive opening numbers for her album (802k ww), hype, bandwagon was real, massive tour etc. At that point of her career she didn't needed another 'acclaimed masterpiece'. HC was doing its job pretty good. Shame era ended up being tragic and basically end of 'an era' for her.
  6. here

    Chained to the rhythm is the first Katy single that i love since E.T. It's such a bop cry1

    1. Taylor

      oh wow stan E.T. ny1

    2. Radio

      The One That Got Away was released after E.T. though um1 

  7. Yes
  8. Discussion

    I just googled this, and MadonnaNation popped up
  9. Discussion

    I recently got both versions and i don't know which one i should claim and put it on my shelf next to other cds and which one i should just put in a box with other dupes
  10. They never heard it She was forgettable at the Grammys (song wasn't sent to radios and video still wasn't released) and fall outshined it at the BRITs But Ariana is introducing the song to whole new generation, such a sweetheart
  11. Discussion

    I doubt she even remembers this album
  12. Discussion

    So there are like 200k copies of cover 1 and 7m copies of cover 2, cover 2 is on itunes and spotify, and cover 2 is the one they used on re-release of the vinyls, i guess cover 2 is the real one I got used to cover 1 too because that was the cover i had when i downloaded album for the first time
  13. Discussion

    Was it tho? I mean color of the font was not supposed to blend with sofa
  14. Discussion

    1 country tho 1 pressing
  15. Discussion

    But 2 is the real cover 2 was released worldwide in 1994 and was used in later pressings in US, 1 was only first US pressing + itunes cover until last year