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  1. here

    Lana, get it together girl. what's that song?

    1. Urbanov

      it's an anthem

    2. Milk

      a masterpiece and you will deal

  2. yeah, we think we're free...
  3. here

    Katy DID that. slay me bitch.


  4. uh that's a hot man
  5. here




    1. Max

      The tea! Reason was so good.

    2. Gabe.

      someone showed me this song so i'm hooked to it for the moment, didn't listen to the album yet :(

  6. you need to stop.
  7. hey bb. terribly busy miss you all a lot
  8. here

    Gorl. What emoji/gif was :tehe: for?

    1. Gabe.

      tehe1 either tehe2 


      can't exactly remember

  9. it's by far the more accomplished body of work. talent wins.
  10. is this......... real?
  11. here

    any tennis fans here? fall2 

    1. fab

      Yes cry1  Pull thru Roger  cry1