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  1. Celeb News

    He is so scrawny and unflattering like an ant.
  2. Great... the 2017 reaper has come back from holiday.
  3. A Mean Girls movie with her new fake Russian accent she's been speaking with? No thank you. How about make music again.
  4. Other

    So... where are the leaks? They haven't leaked. If they do, I need Fine Christianity to breathe life into me!!
  5. Is that real? the cover and captions look satirical. Lol
  6. He's seeking dick now that's why.
  7. Celeb News

    For once I agree with Justin's actions. That dude was obnoxious and was trying to give Justin's face a handjob.
  8. Celeb News

    Who did he have to fu*k to get that title? Just, no.
  9. Ew. He's not even a sight. I'm scared to even see other parts of him. Pass.
  10. It took them this long to become aware of the recording though? The recording sounded like it was officially recorded for the show, so how did no one know about it before? Seems like NBC just wanted to promote a political agenda. Not that I care because I don't like Trump but this whole thing just seems super shady of NBC. They obviously were holding onto this recording like an unreleased tape since the beginning.
  11. Isn't that girl Gloria, the YouTube celebrity, that does make up tutorials and stuff?
  12. I have everything apple but why people choose to buy an overpriced Apple Watch that only has a 1 day battery life compared to Pebble Watch's 10 day battery life is beyond me. The Apple Watch is a total gimmick and Pebble-wannabe that completely fails.
  13. You obviously can't read.