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    When it comes to sex or trying something new. sass1

  2. He drag him to hell.
  3. What if, @Hannah. was really Ariana Grande and fooling us this whole time. ny2

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      Hannah wishes!

    2. Taylor

      22 minutes ago, #1 said:

      Hannah wishes!


    3. Hannah.

      I do wish I was her yes.

  4. Jive screwed her over, her only single was "I Am Woman" and no album till 2015. So yea!
  5. I see.
  6. Love it Fast food
  7. I'm missing some Bonus tracks from him, i'm more into Rob Zombie/In This Moment
  8. Single

    "Who's Gonna Be Your Girl?", "Swinging With My Eyes Closed", "We Got Something They Don't" are 3 songs for the album.
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