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  1. You mean someone she's worked with twice and consistently praised But keep screaming into your bag of nonsense
  2. In before the essay from the fossils but It's very surprising how well received she is in the industry. I think although the dynamic has changed, people consider her a great performer who will always bring their a-game. The fact that so many people tuned into the HTS to watch mostly old hits from her is surprising. She could've had a bigger era, but none of the singles were what radio is looking for and she's always had a tough time with streaming. Plus the bizarre non-promotion of Perfect Illusion followed by her label killing it after week 2, only to release Joanne a month later is something I'll never get. It's almost like she didn't want to release any singles this era and now is trying to push MR last minute followed by the tragic ass videos. It'll be interesting to see what she does next era because she won't have so many opportunities like this time. Hopefully, the Star Is Born glow will give her some direction - but if it's a glitter mess then
  3. Celeb News

    reminds me of castle on the hill so hoping it's not that
  4. Celeb News

    his death legit went under the radar I feel bad
  5. Wendy keeps calling Coachella, Coochella rip3 

  6. Chainsmokers will occupy 3 spots in top ten next week ny12 

    1. Anna-wa

      Can we go back to 2008 - 11 when it was our faves doing that?

  7. Remy is going to be on wendy on friday, so she better come thru
  8. not ya'll arguing over something that didn't happen
  9. Discussion

    tbh the outfits do a disservice to the killer hair. These muddy metallic colors need to go.
  10. the meltdowns if joanne wins
  11. Didn't even notice
  12. omg